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Thai Monk Dancing Coyote Style

A Thai monk was caught on camera dancing in what appears to be coyote style or rather kratoey style i'm not exactly sure. Absolutely shameful really, as the story goes one of his fellow monks recorded the video and posted it online as a way to win an argument or fight they were having. Well looks like he won the fight because the main monk at the monastery is considering disciplinary action. Not exactly sure what that entails but doesn't sound good for him.

While the picture shows this monk very happy I don't think we have a happy monk anymore because he is now apart of the next wave of viral videos to be pushed across the media the past few months. First it was some wacko taking the mickey out of (*americans note "making fun of") the king then it was a teen girl stripping at a high school then the teen girls photo, the naked casion dealers and now we have a dancing monk. Any guesses what comes next?

Chatter on the Internet suggests that the monk is gay and on the video he appears to make some maneuvers that suggest such a thing but I hardly see what that makes any difference, when he is a monk he is a monk, he doesn't have any sexual preference so he shouldn't be acting like the next Miss International Queen. The monk in question has since been expelled by the way. From the way he was acting in the video I can see why, he's not really taking his monking seriously.

gay monk dancing coyote in thailand

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  1. ChiangMaiGuy January 26, 2012 at 3:07 am #

    happens all the time – I was reading a thread awhile back on some forum and a monk was defending he was gay saying ‘even monks are human and have sexual needs’ just because they wear Orange doesn’t mean they are REAL. Many do it for economic reasons, others because of family pressure to ‘earn’ merit – and some are sincere (of course) but I doubt those I see in Computer Plaza and on their mobiles are the real ones. To be fair Christian priests having affairs or molesting kids is equally shocking and so the moral of the story is? ‘you can’t judge a book by it’s cover’.

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