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Farang Net Idols Speaking Thai

These days it's more common to hear a westerner speaking Thai than you might think. Thai isn't as difficult as Thai people make it out to be, a year of study a year of practicce and you could speak good enough Thai host your own reality social media show. These days most Thai people have seen a farang speaking Thai on You Tube perhaps TV. Back in the day it was Andrew Biggs who was the star. But these days with social media anyone who can speak Thai can become a star too. Here's some Farang internet idols who Thai people may have heard of and if you live in Thailand you probably have too.

Jack Brown

So this guy calls himself "baby farang" Jack Brown become viral when he posted a clip online (below) where he basically says Thai Girls shouldn't date foreigners. His main reason is that Thai girls will have to do everything for him. The insurance needs to be paid, she'll have to take care of it. And this will be a big inconvenience for her. Any guy that posts a video that makes Thai girls think twice about dating a farang guy is doing a great disservice and should be unplugged.

My Mate Nate

The most fun of the farang idols My Mate Name hit the scene with is re-makes of pranks into Thailand, by a white guy! I think this works only cause if a Thai person were to do it, someone might get hurt which almost happened to Nate when a guy pulls a knife on him. I'm not a fan of his latest slow motion videos which to be honestly really shows his young age. Dude tinder some bitches in bikinis and slow motion throwing goo at them! My girlfriend can't stand watching this guy, for the same reason i almost always turn off the sound when watching his videos. His voice is super annoying.

Ajarn Adam

Ajarn Adam, Adam and I started our websites around the same time and has it seems built a little empire down there in Bangkok. Adams's model seems to be the most profitable. Show how well you can speak Thai then convince Thai's that you can teach them the same level of English. Adam's my favorite Farang net idol.

Luke Cassady

Luke isn't the biggest star but he started up this magazine style blog called picnicly and has some funny content. Although not big now I suspect he has big things planned.

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About Chris

Chris founded LivingThai.org in 2011 and has received over 3 million visitors. He has lived here for over 10 years and speaks reads and writes very good Thai.

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  1. ผู้ชายใจดี เป็นนักธุระกิจค่ะ

  2. Don tamba July 10, 2018 at 7:56 am #

    The biggest joke of a thai centric YT blogger is CHEAP CHARLIE CHRONICLES who overstayed his Visa and is currently banned from Thailand. You will see his comments in other YTs blogs about his thai language proficiency when in truth, on his vids…..he talks basic tingenglish or Baby Talk thai…..that guy is a complete numbnuts

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