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Horror Scary Park In Thailand

Looking for something unusual to see on your next trip to Thailand. How about a visit to the scariest and probably the creepiest horror park you'll ever see. This place is in Suphan Buri province (see map at the bottom of the page). The name of the Scary Park is Wat Pie Rong Woowa วัดไผ่โรงวัว.

If you haven't been to Supan buri province there are some interesting Temples there this Temple which you could call it a Scary Park is the most unusual of sorts. The photo's of this horror park gone wrong are evident.

All the caricatures represent how you will be living if you fall into hell depending on what wrongs you did in your life. For example if you cheat on your wife you'll have to climb a thorny tree while birds peck at your ass until you fall down, when you fall down there will be someone who will stick an iron rod up your ass and put you back onto the thorny tree to climb it indefinitely. What kind of sick person came up with this I don't know but it's just a little too creepy.

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Map of Horror Scary Park In Thailand

Follow the map to get directions to this very scary horror park in Thailand.

The address in Thai is: วัดไผ่โรงวัว อ.สองพี่น้อง จ.สุพรรณบุรี ประเทศไทย

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