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New Zealand Man Charles Jones Murdered In Pattaya

The New Zealand president of the World Croquet Federation Charles Jones refused to give thieves the combination to his apartment safe before he was killed in Pattaya Thailand.

Charles Jones was reportedly murdered in a rented apartment in Pattaya, a popular holiday resort about 165km southeast of Bangkok. His sister Alison McMillan said thieves had taken Mr Jones' computer and cellphone around the time of his death.

New Zealand Man Charles Jones Murdered In Pattaya

New Zealand Man Charles Jones Murdered In Pattaya

He had refused to give them the combination to a safe in the apartment, she said. Though this cannot be confirmed as there were no actual witnesses to the murder of Charles Jones

"It's tragic. It's unbelievable, but it's happened and it's true. We just have to wait and see now what the police say." Ms McMillan said family were devastated by Mr Jones death.

They had been in contact with Thai police, but were finding it difficult to get more information about the killing, she said. She was relying on the New Zealand embassy in Thailand to reveal more details. But details from the embassy have been slow to arrive and not forthcoming.

"We sort of know the full story but we've got to wait for the embassy. They're getting all the information."

Mr Jones' death was revealed by a travelling partner Stuart Yeatman, who said he had been murdered.

Mr Yeatman's partner, who would not be named, said the men met in Thailand.

Croquet New Zealand executive director Murray Taylor said Mr Jones was on his way back from the world championships in London.

"Tragically, he's been killed,'' Mr Taylor said.

"The circumstances, we don't really know at this stage. The family are still working with foreign affairs. He will be sorely missed.''

Croquet New Zealand is trying to support Mr Jones' family, Mr Taylor said.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is also providing assistance.

Mr Jones received a Queen's Service Medal for his contribution to the sport.

He represented New Zealand at golf croquet and association croquet but was more well known for his work as an administrator and tournament management on the world body.

Mr Jones started playing croquet in 1970 and was president of Croquet New Zealand for four years from 1999. He had been on the world management committee since 2004 and was elected unopposed as president in 2010.

Pattaya is a popular resort on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand, about 165 km southeast of Bangkok. Murders of foreigners are often go unsolved.

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