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Flooding in Pattaya Photos

The flooding in Pattaya on the 11th didn't stop people the die hards from going out in Pattaya, a mate of mine said it was exceptionally quiet but people were still out and about and the girls were still working. Why let a bit of rain stop the fun right? Though the Pattaya Flood wasn't fun for a lot of people especially those with businesses and property which will be conciderable damage.

So I guess on the 11th it rained continuasly and caused this flood, the pictures of the water flowing into the ocean was interesting but probably better than the ocean flowing into Pattaya! I heard people were fishing in the streets, though those down in Pattaya are used to fishing, just not for fish 🙂

Sorry to anyone who had lost any property in the Pattaya Flood,

Flooding In Pattaya Photos

Flooding In Pattaya Photos

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  1. Brian Sumpter July 6, 2012 at 3:35 pm #

    They just did a sweep (end of June, 2012) of the “people” who work the beaches at Pattaya and Jomtien. They arrested 50 “girls” for soliciting sex, 30 of them were Katoeys!

    So there are your averages here for picking up a date on the beach!

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