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How to get a Thai girl to do anything you want

Sure I generalize a bit but hey who doesn't right? Thai's all say Farang are ขี้งก Kee Knock (cheap) Americans are loud and I say all Thai people are sheep. Let's be honest about this and get to the heart of the matter is you can lead a horse (sheep in our case) to water but you can't make him drink it. Thai girls are the same way you can only push them so far but they have to take the final steps themselves.

Thai Girl

Some girls are strong minded and like a cat are mostly stubborn. I've tried every trick in the book to get Thai girls to do what I want when I want and most tactics have failed but one has worked every single time. You must have the girl dependent on you emotionally not financially.

I personally don't have many needs but there are 3 things I want all my girls to do. First is getting her to wax her muff, second is getting her to be ok with staying at home while I go out with the boys or dates with other girls, and finally be ok with me bringing back other girls so she can kiss me while I fuck them. I don't ask for much right? But damn it's a process to make them ok with this.

Before I go on I have to say that Isaan girls in general are much stronger minded and set in their ways that they are harder to manipulate then girls from other areas in Thailand, they can molded but it takes time the better emotional connection she has with you the better but be warned that girls from Isaan are the most jealous girls in Thailand therefore if you are after the same things as I am I say your better off with a girl from the North or central Thailand.

*Note: Girls in the south are often Muslim and are ok with multiple wives however as the Koran states they must be housed in seperate quaters therefore taking all the fun out of it!

Getting the emotional connection

Like I said before, you need to strengthen the emotional bond the Thai girl has with you. For some guys this can be scary, last thing you need is some psycho Thai girl coming at you with a hammer. But my experience is they only go ape shit when they are jealous so when you make them ok with you going with other girls then why would you need to be worried.

You've seen the girl more than a few times now to strengthen the bondyou need 3 things Candy, Attitude, Main Girlfriend.

First you need to buy her cake lollies whatever sweet thing it is that she likes. Buy that shit and give it to her out of the blue 2 times a week. Sounds stupid right but it's true she get's emotionally attached by you giving her what she craves and when it's gone she thinks about the guy who gave it to her. She needs to see that you do things for her so she will do things for you.

Next what you need is an attitude and this is the most important thing because without it you can't lead the sheep. You need to act as if you could care less if she was with you or not. If a Thai girl things that you need her she will start manipulating you, best advice here is to not give a damn. Act as if she was gone you'd be happy living your life without her.

I repeatedly tell guys to tell their Thai girl that you have a g/f already. This is the best way I know that helps to get a Thai girl to do anything you want. Have you ever noticed that when you have a girlfriend that other girls seem to come out of nowhere and you feel like you wish you were single again? Other girls can smell it when you have a g/f. I've never even met a girl in Thailand who didn't think I had a g/f already anyway even times I didn't have one, they see you're with someone else and they want a part of it. A Thai girl will do anything to be the number one it's their competition gene so even if you're not comfortable playing the I have a girlfriend already card then talk about your ex. Tell her your ex did this your ex did that or better yet your current girlfriend does this and does that and she will follow suit.

List of things I get all girls or Giks to do using this method

Pay for and go herself to wax her muff
Wash and clean my clothes
Wait at home while I go find a girl to come back with us
Get a straight Thai girl to have lesbian sex
Create dating profiles for me on Thai dating sites
Replying and sending out messages on those dating sites on my behalf
Ask her friends if they want to sleep with me
Get her to wear a bikini

Well that's just what comes off the top of my head but I'm sure there are things on that list you've never had your Thai girl do or thought about getting her to do but you can!

Finally when getting a Thai girl to do anything you want you have to inplement a sort of reward system. But unlike training a dog you kinda you're more likely to be disapproving than you are to be giving her rewards. When she does something you like be super night to her give her lots of cuddles but when she won't do what you want then act really unhappy and tell her how your ex or current girlfriend does it for you. But don't push the subject. Like I said in the beginning you can lead the horse to water but you can't make it drink.

You: "I want you to go wax because your muff turns me off and makes me not want to have sex with you."
Her: "No it hurts i'm not going to do it"
You: If it hurts then why does all my ex girlfriends do it for? They would do it for me, i guess you don't love me as much.
Her: "It's not that blah blah blah"
Now act disapointed and go to the pub with the boys if she hasn't done it by the time you get back then repeat the same conversation again tommorrow.

My last secret in getting a Thai girl to do whatever I want is using what I call YES physocology. Ask a Thai girl a bunch of questions and make sure the answers are always going to be Yes. Throw in your question that you'd like her to do and she'll feel weired for saying No. When she says No to the question act really weired and tell her she is weired and continue asking other questions and come back to this one. I'll do this several times over the period of weeks until she doesn't want to see you weireded out anymore.

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