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How to Pickup Thai Girls Anywhere!

Up until about a year ago I was obsessed with online dating. I'm one of those guys that were the pioneers of online dating as far back as '97 I was hooking up with girls online my friends were laughing at the idea. Nowadays people tend to laugh at you if you haven't tried online dating. Many guys still struggle even with the ease of online dating because they can't figure out what to do once they have met the girl. That's never been my problem, when I meet a girl online or offline and there's an even slight spark of chemistry I'm getting laid! 90% of the time my game after meeting the girl works. You can read the secrets to online dating in Thailand to try it out yourself. It's helped thousands of guys.

sexy thai girls at the beach

The problem with online dating sites is it totally kills your day game. Obsessed with meeting as many girls as I could I did the craziest shit even though most people think the noodle story is out there, my best stories I've never published!

One story I'll share today is how I organized the meetup of 3 different girls. None of the girls knew each other and none of them knew I arranged other girls to come meetup for the first time. I told them all to meet me at a cheap bar just outside of Chiang Mai. I used to go there a lot because I could buy 3 large Leo's and ice for 150 baht. Back then I was on a super budget and my girlfriend at the time would have noticed if i'd spent a lot of money, I figured meeting 3 girls at once would save me a bunch of money and time!

So as the first girl arrived she was kinda not chatty at all and very average looking (one of the problems with online dating) I was happy when the next girl arrived. Girl A seemed puzzled and the new girl was lively and did most of the talking until 10 minutes later when Girl C arrived! As we sat there all four of us, you could totally sense the awkwardness so I left to go to the bathroom so they could chat amongst themselves and figure out what the hell was going on. When I returned you could tell they weren't happy. They asked what's going on? I said that I'm sick of going on so many dates so I figured I liked all three of them and I wanted to know who liked me the most and Girl B put her hand up as the most eager so I said OK lets go. Where? she says? My place! OK...the other girls just couldn't believe it as I grabbed Girl B's hand walked away got on my bike and drove to the short time. The other girls were good sports though, I had left them with the bill and still didn't get any nasty texts from them and in the end it saved me 2 boring dates.

That's just one of the fun games I used to play on dating sites and you can get away with doing this because the girls don't know you enough to chuck a tantrum adn they are there because they already kinda like you, typically if you follow the secrets you'll be 80% of the way there before you even meet her!

This is all fun and good but doing this totally killed my day game!

When I say day game I basically mean the ability to chat up a girl anywhere, be it at night, during the day, at a club or a coffee shop. The best thing about the online dating game is you don't have to deal with rejection as much if at all and that's what appeals to people so much. One of the biggest downers on using Day Game is having to deal with the constant rejection.

I was at a club the other day with these Bangkok guys, they had the slick hair the nice clothes and the look like the guys most Thai chicks like white skin rich etc. There was this one table close to us with one very attractive girl, each guy one buy one went up and tried talking to the girl. They got rejected one by one. I told them their approach was all wrong yet they didn't believe me and challenged me to get her number. Easy!

So I waited for her to go to the bathroom and as she left I went up to the only guy on her table and asked him what his friends name was, he told me her name was peung (honey). As she came back to her table and walked past me I called her name, Hi Peung! Her immediate reaction was "Hi, how do I know you?" That was about 4 words more than the other guy's got and they looked a little shocked. From there it was easy I just said she looked like my ex girlfriend. 10 seconds later she was punching her Line into my phone to the shock of my Bangkok friends.

You have only a few seconds to impress a girl in a club, corny pickup lines rarely work but this does because it makes her more curious to have a conversation with you.

Best place to pickup Thai Girls is at the beach or by the river

Best place to pickup Thai Girls is at the beach or by the river

So that's at night how can you do this in the day?

The better you can speak Thai the better your game will be, day game requires a lot more talking and mostly the girls you approach are not in the frame of mind to meet total strangers.

Who are you and what do you want?

When I lived in California so many girls would say this to me if I approached them but as soon as I said that I'm Australian walls would come down and made it a lot easier (lesson, don't ever live in the country you were born in!) In Thailand the scariest thing for a Thai woman is to have some stranger come up to you and speak to you in another language! Thai's are so scared even if they can speak a little English they will just clamp up and you'll have little chance which is why if you want work your day game learn Thai!

How to come off as prince charming to a Thai girl

The following approach works for me 80% of the time and works literally anywhere except nightclubs and works especially well on teens. I'll often roam around with a friend looking for girls to hit up, there are many places where there are a bunch of girls sitting around eating unripe mangoes and chatting. One of the best places to try this out is the river or beach (for any city in Thailand this is the best place to meet Thai girls!). When we spot a group I'll have my friend go over and start a conversation, it's best if you're friend doesn't speak good Thai or just enough to have small chit chat. I'll hang away looking at my phone and as soon as he starts getting into difficulty or you can tell the girls are getting like "wtf is this guy doing" I'll walk over and put my arm around my friend tap him on the chest and say in my best Thai, "I'm sorry is my friend bothering you?". You'll see in the girls faces how relieved some guy has just rescued them from a Farang! My next line is "Sorry about my friend he sees some beautiful women he can't help but to talk to them". This is typically when the girls blush and it's your opportunity then to see which girl is actually interested. From there you introduce yourself, your friend, and learn a bit more from them before you invite one home or at least get someone's digits.

Before I slowed down with the online dating game I literally had forgotten all my day game moves and had to re-learn everything from scratch. The real secret to mastering Day Game in Thailand is figuring out ways to make her "less scared". In the club I already knew her name this made her more comfortable, by the river I rescured the girls from a fumbling Farang making me look like the good guy. Learn how to not to scare her and you'll have no problems picking up Thai girls anywhere.

I've given you two great nuggets in this post, I hope you'll try it out and let me know your experience. If you have any day game pickup tips please also let me know in the comments.

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Chris founded LivingThai.org in 2011 and has received over 3 million visitors. He has lived here for over 10 years and speaks reads and writes very good Thai.

14 Responses to How to Pickup Thai Girls Anywhere!

  1. Rocky February 14, 2015 at 10:42 am #

    Maybe this post should be “How to pickup Thai girls of average or below average IQs”?

    The average Thai girl doesn’t want to get darker, so if they go to the beach, it’s early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Often cowering under umbrellas, fully clothe’d.

    I know girls just go out to bars to socialize with their girlfriend’s, but laying on the beach in bikinis in the sun?

    Are you sure they’re not gaming you?

    • Chris February 14, 2015 at 7:27 pm #

      lol. The photo i took off flickr bro!

  2. jack February 14, 2015 at 4:55 pm #

    The 3 girl date was pure genius well done.
    I was in a club in bangers once I sat at a table across from two good lookin farang suited guys my age ( mid 30,s) full heads of nicely cut hair smoking cigars lookin like they owned the place with no female company. The hostess took my order when I turned around there were two girls sitting at my table we had some laughs a couple of beers I went to the toilet came back another three girls were seated with us whilst the suave men adjacent were alone with none even approaching them.
    Thai,s are quite perceptive they can sense true confidence, what your putting out keep smiling and laughing look em in the eye. Thay can also be quite fickle this is also useful.
    I have never had much of a day game only the easy plays such as if a group of two or more girls are having photo,s offer to take a photo of the group all together, this simple gesture trancends language barriers, works on all nationalities and theres nothing more powerful than instant group approval.

    • Mark December 5, 2016 at 6:30 pm #

      Doesnt usually work on japanese cause they like selfies unless they are allready attracted to you.

  3. Pascal February 20, 2015 at 6:05 pm #

    sounds like the key is just speaking thai or 90+% will just look at you like you just landed from the moon and wave you off :/

    same for online game if you don speak thai youre stuck talking to the 10 attractive girls in town that have fucked dozens of foreigners already

    • Mark December 5, 2016 at 6:32 pm #

      Not from the moon but arrived off the boat as a sex tourist

  4. Ramon March 3, 2015 at 2:41 am #

    I don’t believe a word. Just literature

  5. Jake March 9, 2015 at 1:56 pm #

    Did you really move to BKK? Also yes, picking up girls is cake if you’re not one of those sad sack desperate whitey losers. 😉

  6. josh September 6, 2015 at 1:53 pm #

    I just walk up to any girl I meet and speak in fluent thai to her for maybe 10 minutes and boom. Oh and a pointer to anyone learning thai, get a girl tuter. I learned from my assistant and apparently I sound a little feminine when I talk and the ladies think its cute 😛

  7. Hellisbetterplaceforyou August 31, 2016 at 3:01 am #

    I am a Thai girl living in bangkok and I read your blog. I really sad that you treat thai girls like a toy. All of girls you met not stupid and they are not fool.they just believe in TRUE LOVE.you enjoy to played woman like a toy. How you feel if someone treat like this to your daugter or your mum. Shame you done bad thing but you proud of yourself.

    • Psjfn March 25, 2019 at 4:11 am #

      True love doesn’t exist. Life isnt a fairytale and youre not 5 years old. Grow up. And not all Thai girls want true love. Some just want a hard shag.

  8. Martin July 26, 2017 at 11:56 pm #

    It must be very easy to pick up girls in Thailand when such an ill-behaved individual could do it. Those 3 girls should have drunk their drinks and left you there. What amused me most are the words “my place”. LOL You have no idea how to pick up girls and escalate dude. With this approach you only can pick up a total tragedienne or a whore. It´s only pity that such morons like you ruin the reputation of other farangs.

  9. yan August 15, 2017 at 6:04 pm #

    It’s amazing how deep is your personality problem. Pure narcissism and nothing else. Wow. It’s nothing special to get laid in Thailand. Pretending to apply some kind of special game is so lame. You are suck a loser man. Inside and outside. Peace.

  10. Shameonyou June 20, 2018 at 2:22 am #

    I cannot believe have men like you in the world… I already show all my friends in Thailand about your website and asked them to show all the ladies about what foreigners think about thai girls… how to not get used by you all, soon will not be easy to have sex same like in your country of origin…

    stupid men who do that!

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