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Do Good Thai Girls Really Exist?

I'm forever hearing the debate about Good girls vs Bad girls so let me give you the newsflash, Guys, There's no such thing as a good Thai girl! Sigmund Freud identified the "Madonna/whore" psychological complex, in which men see women as either pure, saintly creatures or filthy prostitutes. But as we all know, the world is not black and white. Human beings cannot be labeled thusly. Women are complex and multi-faceted individuals, and the concept of a "good girl" is infantilizing and deeply flawed.

Even still the "good girl" term get's thrown around in Thailand more than anywhere on the planet. Newbies to the country are told not to go with Bar girls because they are "not good" and should therefore find themselves a nice cute university girl or girl with a job because these are "good girls" another flawed conclusion.

Being a good girl means you are polite, don't sleep around, can take care of herself and doesn't need you! In its most insidious context, it means be subservient. A girl that will do everything you ask without question and do nothing that you don't agree with.

A good girl is often virginal, a girl that hasn't had sex before is automatically regarded as a "good girl" she may be a total bitch but that doesn't matter to most, the fact that she hasn't had sex is enough to make her a "good girl" despite being totally dependent on you if you decide to take her.

Guys are suckered into this idea that they will only be respected and find true love if they date a "good Thai girl". This is retarded because so many guys have more in common with a bar girl than they do with a "good girl". One guy I know, tattoo sleeves works as a mechanic is dating a placid bank teller who he insists he's in love with....why? You have about as much in common as I do with an NGO worker! And Bank Tellers are always fat going into their 30's!

All girls are bitches and all girls want your money!

Doesn't matter what country you're from girls are always looking at your bank book. Some girls might convince themselves that they "love you" and that's why they stay but more often than not the truth is they are not strong enough to leave instead they make your life a misery. Unless you have enough money to keep her happy I don't suggest you have a real relationship with any girl!

There is no such thing as a "good girl"! Ever heard the term "good girls gone bad" well they were always bad they just happened to get into a situation where their true colors come out, often after meeting me 😉

Can you trust any Thai girls? No!

If I were to come to Thailand tomorrow for the first time I wouldn't be looking for any good girls. I want the most fun lively girl who's a bit of a bad-ass. This girl will be fun, will probably spend my money but at least I'll have a good time. Who the hell moves to Thailand and takes a girl to the movies!? Dumbest thing I've ever heard of. I want a girl I can take to short-time then have her introduce me to her friends so I can fuck them all as well. Good girls? Pfftt overrated.

Why are guys so obsessed about finding a good Thai girl anyway? If you don't intend to settle down with the one chick why the hell do you even care? One guy tried to explain to me that good girls have slept with less guys. 555 I never laughed so hard, I have a lot of Thai friends many of them girls and trust me, most have slept with more guys than I have fingers and toes! Good girls don't fuck around!? Bullshit!

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About Chris

Chris founded LivingThai.org in 2011 and has received over 3 million visitors. He has lived here for over 10 years and speaks reads and writes very good Thai.

10 Responses to Do Good Thai Girls Really Exist?

  1. Nigel February 12, 2015 at 6:34 pm #

    Either you have a persona to maintain for this website or you are a sad soul indeed.

    “I want a girl I can take to short-time then have her introduce me to her friends so I can fuck them all as well. Good girls? Pfftt overrated.”

    • Sven February 13, 2015 at 7:27 pm #

      I think, before he wrote it, Chris was already aware of the fact that people would comment on the statement “I want a girl I can take … “. He must probably write that way to make sure people come back to read his stuff.

      No doubt, sometimes you can find good information here, but basically Chris is (sorry for judging you, Chris) totally conditioned by his poor and one-sided view on woman. Someone who treats woman like products, will be treated, in turn, the same way. You get what you give … that is it!

      • Chris February 13, 2015 at 9:53 pm #

        its true. If ur happy single dont view women anymore than sexual objects or your emotions will cost u dearly!

        • Sven February 13, 2015 at 11:14 pm #

          There is truth in your response, Chris. However, I am convinced you know the point of being bored even from a pu..y, because finally it is always the same old game … again and again. My guess is, ultimately nobody really wants that. The happy single life, especially in Thailand, ends exactly there; it ends when clever people (like you) realize, because of its uselessness, they should not play that game forever. Most farangs at that point (it is only the minority that comes to this point because the majority gets lost in Thailand) are in trouble then, since the only thing they have cultivated for years is treating woman like products. So I think waking up early enough makes good sense! And, please do not get me wrong, this is just thoughts and nothing personal. Cheers!

  2. r.a. February 27, 2015 at 2:48 am #

    Never talk about money with a thai girl. Never talk about yourself…, just listen and adjust to what is important in her life .. I have a colleague, a doctor from Europe, he met a girl from an affluent Bangkok family. Nowdays he stay in her apartment all day, apparently “working on a book? she pays for everything. He seem a little bit bored but fairly content with life.

  3. thailand people... March 31, 2015 at 11:44 pm #

    hey come on now not EVERYBODY is whores here.

    ok so good girl has its approximate same standard in every culture and its truth in thailand you will have much work to find this one..
    because in thailand parents teach their daughters they are worth money greed is good,

    make money be rich . they not so much are if she had be fuck in every hole of her body as long as her husband is rich .. gold … gold…

    so this is common culture.

    if you want good girl who will treat you correct and dont fuck another guy and dont want money and is not so fuck stupid..
    you must -like in your own country find a nerd.. geek what you call it..

    in thailand you can find a nice pretty geek but she wont be sexy/slutty…(you see clothing many women dress here almost nakid.. nerd is to shy for this…)..
    because if she understand she is sexy she become a slut instantly as before she is pathetic nerd..

    but even then dont expect thai woman will understand house keeping like your mothers .. thai woman expect to eat in restarunt and have a cleaner.. she cant cook, iron good and do such things… .. if you want all that go to iran or kazakhstan or some place…
    there have culture man is king.
    master of their house…
    in thailand traditionally woman takes all the mans money!!!! its culture of this country..

  4. Dennis September 9, 2015 at 4:27 pm #

    “I want a girl I can take to short-time then have her introduce me to her friends so I can fuck them all as well.”

    Hahaha pure gold, that’s how I approach it as well these days!

    Probably they call me a jerk but tired of those fake relationships.

  5. James September 22, 2015 at 10:20 am #

    I agree with you Chris for the most part. If you are a white foreigner, the vast majority of Thai girls just want you for your money or status and are no good for anything but sex.

    After 2 years in Thailand, I’ve met 2 girls that actually got to know me for who I was and never asked a penny from me. They even refused to let me pay for them, ever. They were real, true good girls.

    Like I said—just 2 girls, after two whole years there. Just 2. But they’re out there.

    • Chris October 13, 2015 at 5:57 pm #

      They are out there, a lot of guys I know want a good girl, yet they spend all their time with sluts because “it’s easy” yet wonder why they can’t find a good girl.

  6. Don tamba July 10, 2018 at 10:45 am #

    Ha ha you are on the mark agian.
    Good thai girls are extremely consevative.
    They do not have any tattoos even Buddhist protective ‘tambun’ types.
    They do not smoke. They do not drink and especially do not fraternize with Farang.
    Thailand is a very racially stratified society….highly nationalistic and incredibly xenophobic. Thai girls prefer their own kind. Many thai bargirls will have a ‘gik’ either a pimping gambling drinking yabbahead boyfriend or Tom on the side. These bargirls will always tell a Farang what they want to hear: “Thai man no good….Thai man bad” it feeds into their white sexual ego….which in truth its the other way around: most self-respecting Thai men from decent social standing….will not have anything to do with these girls…..its an extreme loss of face if they do….

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