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Riding a Bicycle in Bangkok

I haven't ridden a bike honestly since High School and the idea of biking around Bangkok, while it would beat walking, finding a place to dump it when I get to my destination just sounds like a nightmare. Spend only a few days in Bangkok and you'll notice a lot of people use bikes, especially in the mornings to get something to eat, I'll be the first to admit I'd rather just ride the scooter on the footpath 😉

A few years ago the department of transport outsourced an initiative to get the people of Bangkok on Bicycles. Solving a problem that doesn't really exist, Pun Pun Bike Share a private and sole operator now with 30 employees was setup. The bike sharing company has 50+ locations around the city where you can borrow a bike and bring it back for 10 baht an hour (less after more hours).

bike share bangkok

So why am I so cynical about a green initiative? There's already enough shit on the sidewalk, scooters, beggars, trollies, tourists, hawkers, fruit, underwear, you name it it's already on the sidewalk whatever is left, in many places barley a crack to walk, they want to fill it up with more bikes.

The bike depot's are typically located around the train stations BTS or MRT so you can get off the train onto a bike. Why wouldn't I just get a bloody motorcycle to take me if it's going to cost roughly the same amount? To be green? That's bright! I've always thought Thai people to be very sympathetic, in Thai you would say Thai people are ขีสงสาร. But I've also found as sympathetic as they are, they don't care.

Don't be silly Chris, you can ride the bike on the road!

This is how genius the plan is. Someone who works for the department of transport, an industry synonymous with safety, and possibly one of Thailand's worst track records came up with this, they must have said "let's start a new transport initiative and give absolutely no thought to safety". Let's tell everyone to ride around Bangkok and give them no access to a damn helmet. No mention to bring your own either. Oh just to add one more great idea let's stick these bike depots everywhere and don't even make it clear where to buy a damn registration card.

Apparently you can buy the registration card at their website, the one that's been down for 3 days, don't worry 30 employees and oversight from the transport department I'm sure someone will get to it...eventually. Actually I thought the whole scheme had just stopped until I saw their Facebook page still being updated. Of course! Keep playing Facebook, who cares about the website, the one people need to register so they can use the service.

bike share

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  1. Jacko February 26, 2015 at 7:15 pm #

    Why are you using internet explorer? maybe the site is still trying to load up lol

    • Chris February 27, 2015 at 2:05 pm #

      I’m using an explorer version of windows rt actually loads super quick however your comment did make me chuckle.

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