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See Through Tablets in 2012

Just when you thought computers and consumer electronics had started to reach the smallest thinnest lightest things that are possible along comes something that blows your mind away. I saw a prototype of a see through laptop screen at the CES show in vegas last year that I thought was cool but when I was looking at the footage I was thinking wouldn't it be great if this were a tablet! And here you go a Samsung commercial out of Korea showing the way of the future with a bendable screen that is also see through!

Take a look at this footage of the bendable see thru tablet commercial from Samsung.

Now the footage looks like something out of science fiction but it's real. Samsung has said that this technology will be at the CES in January 2012 and all looks like a prototype but if this is really no joke it will make the Ipad look like a dinosaur compared to this technology.

I don't see many practical applications as a consumer walking around with this device in your hands but there are so many cool applications I can think of. Imagine you had a larger one stuck to the inside of your car windscreen that could do away with all the crap on the dashboard like the speedo and more.

I doubt that Samsung are putting out a commercial like this to wow consumers as a great marketing ploy I think they are serious and within the next couple of years this technology will be out. A see through tablet that you could fold up into your pocket how cool is that!

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