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Top 5 Restaurants In Chiang Mai

The hightlight of most peoples vacation is typically the food they ate. Chiang Mai is no exception as there are litterally thousands of places to eat. The great part about Chiang Mai like other major destinations in Thailand is there is a huge amount of foriegn restaurants.

Best Restaurants In Chiang Mai

Best Restaurants In Chiang Mai

Personally I would say that Chiang Mai has better foriegn food than they do Thai food mostly because Northern food is strange to the taste with literally no real seafood dishes. Not surprising though because Chiang Mai is in the mountains right! Though finding a good place to eat is not hard if you know where to go.

This is not the list of cheapest eats in Chiang Mai nor is it a list of the most expensive rather the majority of places I found are great to eat at in Chiang Mai.

1. Mr Churro Donut

Founded in 2010 this unassuming donut shop behind Chiang Mai university has been serving fresh donuts to Chiang Mai university students and local donut lovers. Little would one know they they have a great assortment of Chinese and Thai foods. This is typically a university Thai girl hangout, all the same it's a great place to eat. Dishes start at only 40 baht and are really good sized dishes that get you full. Anyone who comes here must try the Lemon Chicken it's the house specialty and well worth every penny! $

2. Riverside

One of the most famous of all restaurants the Riverside is the place to go for a dinner birthday or celebration. The food is expensive but are well portioned and made to perfection. It's more of a pub vibe with two bands that play in different areas with the general dinner seating outside next to the Mai Ping River. $$$$

3. Kanjana

Real locals who live around Thapae Gate are sure to know this restaurant. There are two chefs here mother and daughter each cooking up great thai meals within 5minutes. The place gets crowded during meal hours but it's well worth the way. Personally i've taken Thai people who love to eat there. $$


4. BBQ Chick with love

Probably the best somtum and BBQ chicken i've ever eatin in Chiang Mai if not Thailand, the prices are pretty reasonable as well for two people you can have a fantastic meal for under 200 baht. Get here early though because they close at 8pm and sometimes sell out an hour before that. $$


5. No Name Noodle shop

If your looking for some hearty Thai noodles then look no further than this No Name shop, the shop has no name (probably for tax purposes), but they do have the best noodles in Chiang Mai. What sets this shop apart from the rest is their beef noodles, the beef almost melts in your mouth and is not chewy like other places, you put your own spices in the soup or eat it plain still delicous. Thai people prefer to eat noodles during the day so best time to go is then, though the shop is open 10am - 9pm. $



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Chris founded LivingThai.org in 2011 and has received over 3 million visitors. He has lived here for over 10 years and speaks reads and writes very good Thai.

5 Responses to Top 5 Restaurants In Chiang Mai

  1. ChiangMaiTourist November 19, 2011 at 11:06 pm #

    No map/location for the last 3 eateries?

    The no name noodle place will be hard to find without.

  2. John Schmidt May 25, 2012 at 1:10 pm #

    I suspect that your list of restaurants represents how much you have compromised your understanding and appreciation of real food. Real food is not food products like donuts. Instead, real foods are things like vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds non-farm raised fish, etc. if you have any respect for your body you will seek out organic foods rather than gobble down endless pesticides fully prevalent in much of what you get at eating establishments who value money over health. I have lived in Chiang Mai for 10 years and this is my list of restaurants (for starters) who put value on their customers’ health . Also if you are looking forward to meeting other Farangs who honor their body, mind and spirit, consider the following:
    Blue Diamond – Moon Muang Soi 9 in the NE corner of the old city
    Pun Pun – inside Wat Suan Dok and number two close to the YMCA
    Tianzi – One road West of the Night Bazaar and across from Mae Ping Hotel
    Salad Concept – Nimmenhaemin Road about Soi 13
    Khun Churn – Nimmenhaemin Soi 15 & 17
    Whole Earth – Just past the Night Bazaar and before the Chedi on the right
    Beet Root Stories – On Walking Street Market road behind Wawee Coffee
    Check these out only if you enjoy quality food and people!

  3. Willem June 9, 2012 at 3:24 pm #

    Sure, locations for the last 3 ones would be cool

  4. Derek October 8, 2012 at 6:04 am #

    wow!! very good Chris, very surpised riverside was not No 1..even that lucky and their self service “som tam” truth is many many good places to go eat in Chiang Mai 😉

  5. zbuttel January 18, 2013 at 3:07 am #

    These restaurant are interesting but I think titling it “The Top Five Restaurants in Chiangmai” is very misleading. How about just my personal favorites. I have to all on this list outside the noname noodle shop and not onevof these places would be in my top ten. Furthermore, just because you dont like Northern Thai Food is noreason to omit it from the list. A khantoke dinner or a stop at Huen Pen is a must for any visitor coming to Chiangmai……but maybe this blog is just for expats?

    Personally Jagajee or Sahara, both on Nimman, along with Salad Concept are just as good as anything on this list.

    Keep the blogs on the single life comin!

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