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UBER Now In Chiang Mai

It's been a long time coming but finally UBER is now available in Chiang Mai. Too drunk to drive? Only here on vacation without wheels, don't know how to drive a bike, too scared to ride a bike, can't afford a car well Uber is finally here for you! If you havn't already installed the app you can do so here. UBER would used to only take credit card which when i tried to use it wouldn't let me (i have a debit card from Bangkok bank wouldn't accept it). But now allows you to sign up and simply pay cash.

A few hours ago UBER created their first Chiang Mai uber facebook book page.

free uber rides until december 2016

UBER Chiang Mai has a special going on where you get two free rides up to 75 baht each, offer is valid until december 31st.


You'll need to be a new customer to claim it, for which you should just have your Thai Girlfriend download and sign up.

Getting an UBER Taxi from Chiang Mai Airport to downtown is only 150 baht which is cheaper than the taxis they have at the airport. This I'm guessing is going to cause a lot of problems for the guy who paid millions of baht for the license on all the taxis sitting there at the airport. I suspect the red song taews, the tuk tuks, and the taxis at the airport are all going to be up in arms soon about lost business. To which i say fuck off you've been polluting the air and annoying the hell out of me and most foreigners with your constant smokey pipes, incessant requests for boom boom and price gauging.

uber chiang mai airport

Before UBER I've been using GRAB Taxi which I personally think is better than UBER but each to their own, it's probably best to have both apps for the quickest response. During the day it's pretty easy and cheap to get transport around Chiang Mai but in the evenings it's more difficult and more expensive UBER is the way to go.

Let me know your experiences using UBER in Chiang Mai in the comments below.

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