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Video of the floods in Bangkok

This years flooding in Bangkok is really bad. In my lifetime i've never seen floods so bad in the land of smiles. But that doesn't mean it hasn't flooded in Bangkok this bad before. As you'll see in the videos of the flooding in Bangkok below it is bad, but I also have video of the huge flood in Bangkok in 1942 when one of the greatest of floods was to hit Bangkok. Back in those days people were more used to living on the water and you'll see the number of boats people had. There were more water ways then there are today and people must have taken it more in their stride then that of the great 2011 flood in Bangkok.

This first video is in Rangsit. Rangsit just sits beside Bangkok and is probably the worst hit in the flood people are being evacuated right now because more water is coming because of the high tide that is coming this weekend.

This next video is of the flooding of Bang Yai again right next to Bangkok. This is a densely populated area with a lot of industry. You can see how the water is coming out of the drains and man holes and that's how it's flooding. It's a bit far away from the river but the water travels through the drains and because of pressure is flooding other parts of the city. People here have complained that the water from the tap is coming out brown.

This video is around the Sai Mai area which is just east of Don Mueng. Don Muaeng is the area of the old airport which is now flooded also.

This video shows many places affected by the flooding in Bangkok, it hasn't been viewed much but should, you can just see how many people have been affected by this flood.

This home video is shot by a guy walking around were he lives in Jaeng wattana. YOu can just see everyone walking around no cars and this is how people are going to have to live for weeks to come until the water subsides. I have to say I like in the video how you still see people cooking on the side of the road even if they are in knee deep water.

For those who think the floods are bad this year and think the government arn't doing enough then they should take a look at this video of the floods in 1942. Sure this was 70 years ago but you can see the amount of water then compared to today.

Click here to see the pictures of flooding in Bangkok
Click here to see a list of hotels in Bangkok not affected by the flooding.

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  1. RotVonRat November 3, 2011 at 5:17 am #

    Got a brand new video from halloween in walking street, u might like, and if u do u can freely use it.

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