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Desperate Farang

Have you ever noticed how and why the expat community in Thailand is one of the loudest of any other country in the world? There are more tourists deaths in Thailand than nearly every other country out there yet the people keep coming and they want to stay and never return!

But not everyone can make it in Thailand, it's hard to make money here and the vast majority of people rely on money that comes from overseas. What happens though when there is no more money to bring? This is where so many western men on the verge of bankruptcy end up playing the most desperate hand there is and rob a bank. Take a look at these two goons who tried to rip an ATM out of the wall and failed at three different locations and so desperate in their attempt that they will now likely spend a great deal of time in jail because of their actions.

Desperate Farang in Chon Buri Thailand

Two Britons nabbed for ATM thefts in Chon Buri

Thailand loves to name and shame the criminals the people in charge get to show their worthiness and anyone who knew these guys now know exactly how stupid they were. These arn't the only guys in Thailand either there are hundreds of cases over the past 5 years of western dudes robbing banks in Thailand some trying to and some getting away with it.

Hey maybe I'm just a little too normal or something but actually robbing a bank is not something I'd only even joke about. I mean what are the chances of you actually being able to steal a whole bunch of money and getting away with it? Think about it, where the hell are you going to run to? Like the old guy who robbed the purple SCB bank in Chiang Mai last year got it handed to him. He stole the money to pay for his rent and gym membership! Stupid.

But the question that I am asking and the deeper truth to this desperation, why Thailand is so unique and so mystical that people are willing to risk rotting in a Thai jail cell sleeping on a urine flooded floor with some crazy characters along side them. Honestly, robbing a bank is a sure fire way to ensure that this is how you end your last days in Thailand.

Like I said though Thailand is unique, the expats who live in Thailand are so passionate about it love it so much even if all you hear is the usual rhetoric and barstool banter about how backwards the place is people just don't want to leave. When your down to your last cent in Thailand it's time to look at the reality and just say you couldn't do it. Go home save some money and come back try again, but instead these guys go and rob a bank? Go Figure.

Thailand is like that though, sure it's not perfect but it's still one of the most fun places to live anywhere in the world no matter what sex or orientation you are. Anyone and everyone can feel welcomed in Thailand and get laid as much as they want and the Thai people are just beautiful. I don't blame these guys for their stupidity but can relate to them in their desperation for not wanting to leave Thailand.

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5 Responses to Desperate Farang

  1. Jake June 30, 2012 at 4:15 am #

    Lots of places like that. Thailand might have more of it because (for a third world country) it’s a) quite safe, b) has a lot of hot women, c) no serious laws against prostitution, d) has all the Western creature comforts already.

    It’s the Disneyland of expat destinations. Easy, everybody knows about it, they can continue their Western lifestyles but also get laid by chicks who aren’t fat feminists.

  2. jack July 2, 2012 at 4:19 am #

    thailand is not a 3rd world country.prostitution is illegal by law.Thailand unfortunatly attracts a lot of misfits, and criminals, but is still worth the visit.

  3. charlieboz2 July 5, 2012 at 11:22 am #

    No screens (or other safety devices) in the banks, makes it easy to rob. Not like back home

  4. Johnnie Walker July 6, 2012 at 12:46 pm #

    Anyone with any intelligence should be starting a plan when they can see money issues looming 6 – 12 months before getting down to the last cent.

    • Chris July 7, 2012 at 8:35 am #

      It’s true but you know they don’t want to face the reality which is likely they have to go home.

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