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How to be an Asian Dating Playboy

The online dating site Asian Dating often gets over looked in favor of more country niche players like Thai Friendly and Thai Love Links. Why this is I'm not sure, even I've been a proponent of Thai Love Links since I first started doing the online dating in Thailand. But this was until I a friend of mine pointed out how much more powerful Asian Dating is.

I live in Thailand so I don't see the nuances of talking to girls over the Internet, I have no need for Skype and could care less about Yahoo messenger because I can easily just call them up. But I do remember what it's like waiting for the sun to rise in Bangkok sitting thousands of miles back in my home country so I could chat with these girls.

One of the biggest frustrations is not being able to go see them. The good thing about Asian Dating is there are girls signed up from all those other countries the best part about this site is its' marketed to Asian girls living in your own country. Australia has a very dense population of Asian girls on this site so does the USA and the UK. Actually if I was back in Australia I'd be using this site for sure. The company is Australian owned and operated.

There aren't as many Thai girls in your own country so widen your search to include other Asian ethnicity as well. Nothing wrong with this either, in fact it's probably good for you, then you'll see why the Thai girls in Thailand are so much better.

Are you coming to Thailand and got a few nights stop over in any of these countries?

  • Japan
  • Singapore
  • China
  • Korea
  • Vietnam (Huge!)
  • Cambodia
  • Hong Kong
  • Thailand
Asian Dating Playboy



Using Asian Dating can also get you laid in those countries as well.

Cupid has these sites as niche sites too but only on Asian Dating can you access the complete profiles from all the other sites. If you've been using Thai Love Links why not give Dating Asia a go for the same effect but more bang for your buck.

Become an international playboy

Do you have the time and finances? Why not set your sights on becoming an international playboy in Asia. With Asian Dating you could line yourself up with hundreds of girls in a dozen different countries. Imagine being picked up by sweet young Asian girls everywhere you landed.

I hate to fly so I do my playboyery on the road in Thailand but if I did fly I'd want to spend at least 3 months visiting each of these countries. I'm dreaming now.

5 Steps to Asian Dating Playboy

Build a bankroll
You can be as charming as the queen of England but unless you have a bankroll you'll be stopping all the time. You don't want your Playboy lifestyle stalled and no matter how good you look, it's what's in your pocket that really counts. For new guys you'll want to get into something that has you travel a lot or allows you to travel.

Learn a language
Already know a language in Asia then learn another, nothing says playboy more than being able to talk to the locals, more often than not you will be showing the girls around and not the other way around.

Dress the part
As an Asian International playboy you'll know how to dress and look sharp at every occasion  you'll have condos in every city filled with clothes for every season. Don't forget about accessories, fat gold chains, diamond encrusted watches from Rolex.

Sleep with a new girl everyday
You can't exactly be called a Playboy if you aren't fooling around with at least several girls from as many countries per week, Anything less than 20 local girls per month will see you losing your playboy title.

Manage your money
Real playboys stay in the game for a long time. They know how to make their money work for them when they aren't spending it. They manage their money well and keep on top of the private jet fees and keep their gig's with brand new iPhones.

Watch the Last International Playboy
Watch the film The Last International Playboy to gain a better understanding of how to keep your Asian International Playboy Status

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