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How to get Thai girls to stop calling

You've all been with a girl like this before you may have been dating for a while and just realized how much she’s calling or you may have just met her once and she rings incessantly in some extreme cases you may have met a girl online who lives far away and just won’t stop calling you, what do you do?

For most guys they are too nice and enjoy the attention then there are some guys who just really don’t give a shit and tell them to fuck off. Though I’ve never told a girl to get lost I have been annoyed on more than one occasion by Thai girls who have gone psycho and call 10-12 times a day. The worst part about them calling is when you’re with another girl and she calls and interrupts your good time.

There are three different reasons you want her to stop calling.

  1. You really don’t like her and don’t want to see her again
  2. You do like her but you want to call her when you’re ready and not when she is.
  3. You really like her but she just calls way too bloody much.

Tackling each reason for getting her to call requires different tactics if you employ the wrong tactic to the wrong girl you risk losing her as a friend altogether and not only will she stop calling you she’ll stop seeing you as well.

How to get Thai girls to stop calling

You don’t like her get her to stop calling

You probably don’t need to read this article to figure this one out, be the biggest prick on earth and she will eventually stop calling you. But then I’ve had some psycho girls keep calling even after my girlfriend picks up the phone and tells them to stop calling. They just keep going, typically it’s the younger ones that do this but some older birds are simply crazy too. They do this because they won’t to hear it from you. Sure you could turn your phone off for days or weeks but eventually they will call again they need some closure. So grab your balls pick up the phone and call her and simply say the following “I don’t like you anymore I have another girl that is prettier and younger than you and I don’t want to hear from you again”. Yes you have to break their heart but it’s inevitable. If after saying that and they still won’t go you’ve got a girl who will do anything for you. A girl who will do anything for you isn’t a bad thing either knowing this you can manipulate her into giving you threesomes and help you find other girls to fuck but if that’s where you going to go get a different SIM card for you phone and make sure she’s only got that one and make sure she doesn’t know where you really live.

She calls too much and you just want a booty call

I love the random booty phone call, late at nights when I’m not expecting it some girl rings and says she wants to come over for some fun. Nice. But what is most annoying when they start calling during the day just to day hi, in the afternoon to see if you’ve eaten yet and she starts sounding more like a worried girlfriend than a booty call. Working girls like to do this too no customers so she starts making phone calls through her phone list and somehow you’ve made it to the top. I don’t have this problem anymore because I figured out ages ago that I needed 2 SIM cards and two separate phones. Always have girls on your probationary phone number. This I’ll call my booty phone, it’s all the girls I know that I’ve slept with or want to sleep with and mostly have it turned off unless I want to call someone. The girls stop calling after a while because the phone is never on and your excuse is you turn it off when you’re working or out at night. They probably won’t believe that but doesn’t matter as long as you’re not telling them to get lost they still go along with it.

You really like her but she calls too much!

I’ve had more than a few girls that I thought were awesome good looking educated and fucks like a rabbit but her only downfall was the fact that she had to call me several times a day. This is a real turn off and annoying especially when you are playing the field. She calls for the stupidest reasons too in fact there is no reason she’s calling she just wants to say hi and see how you’re doing. Most guys hate those kinds of phone calls and especially if your Thai is pretty limited what the hell do you say to her anyway. You don’t mind if she calls once a day but only if it’s short or to arrange to meet each other.
Obviously you still want her to call but you don’t want her to be calling all the damn time so all you need to do is tell her when you can call. Make up set times that she is allowed to call, tell her she can only call during these hours say 6pm – 9pm and if she calls outside of those hours hang up the phone when she calls during those hours answer the phone. It’s kind of like training a dog you need to reward her by answering the phone when you told her can call.

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  1. harrythailand July 15, 2012 at 8:54 pm #

    my phone can block up to 10 numbers. they eventually get tired. 12call also offers this paid service up to 20 numbers.

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