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Real Online Dating Tips for Thailand

Recently I've been reviewing how I approached online dating for the most efficient and effective way to get laid in Thailand. Many guys complain about the amount of time and effort that it takes to get laid from online dating. The problem exists because of all the chatting and BS you have to go through. What you really want to do is meet them then fuck them.

Thai girls are all different but the same. It's easier to get Online Dating working for you and with the minimal amount of time if you do it correctly.

My Best Tips for Online Dating

Log into the site online on Fridays Saturdays and Sundays only!

If you're playing the online dating sites during the week your just wasting your time. Thai girls need to work go to school etc. The best chances you have are on the weekend when the majority of users are online. Typically Friday and Saturday nights are the busiest.

Also when it's a Friday and Saturday you can more easily arrange a spontaneous meet up as the chances of her actually having time off is greater.

Only Talk to girls in your area

I see a lot of guys chatting to girls all over the country, what's the point, she going to come here you have to take her around show her around. What the fuck for? You need a local girl to come over and bang you when you want.

Never mention girlfriend boyfriend

My experience has been to always be friends. You meet as friends, you fuck and stay friends. There's no point in promising a girl to be her boyfriend (though she will try to get you to say this shit) just don't do it! Girls aren't much different than guys they wanna get down and dirty too, if she's comfortable with you as a friend, fucking is just a bi-product of that relationship. When a girl asks you about your girlfriend change the subject when she presses it don't answer. Never ever talk about your main girl. Let her know she's there but don't put it in her face.

Watch out for scammers

Scammers are all over the place, on Thai Links there is a problem with South Korean spammers who will ask for your email address simply delete them. Girls asking for bus money delete them. Girls who want to learn English only. Delete.

Move the girls to Line as quickly as possible

I used to say that Facebook was the best way to communicate with the girls. This is now old news. Facebook sucks as a way to communicate with the girls. Firstly she's gonna be your friend on Facebook and probably see all the other girls your banging. Then there are your mates who will see she's been added and try to swipe her from you. And then there is your Timeline which if you had my Facebook account you'd know why adding a girl is no longer working. Line, an app available for download on most smart phone devices including your own computer! is the best way to talk. It's private and can be locked so no one can see (no even your g/f!). It's easy to send messages and photos to entice the ladies as a way to communicate one on one it's perfect.

Have a reason to come back to your place.

I used to offer girls to come home to watch a movie, this worked well for about a year and still does to an extent. But after telling everyone about it it's no longer working as well. Some girls are becoming wise to what's really going on. Now I simply offer them to go for a swim or cook for them. Offering to cook works well at clubs. Cooking it seems works better than noodles. You don't even have to cook for them, cooking for yourself works well.

What to do if she brings a friend

This is the most annoying thing I can think of but it's understandable considering the history of Thailand it's still very normal for girls to go on chaperon dates. Bringing a friend is simply to make them feel more comfortable. If she brings a date there's little chance you're going to score with her that day. So if she brings a friend don't let the meeting last longer than 20 minutes. First impressions are good after 20 minutes there's every chance you'll make her bored (this is bad).

It's very important that the friend is happy with you (very important) do whatever you can to make her friend like you. Make the first meeting very short. Afterwards tell her it was great to meet her, then wait another week before you make a meeting again, if she asks to meet you say your busy. Being keen but not actually meeting her will again make her more comfortable that your not just trying to fuck her as fast as you can. Next meeting if you can arrange a meeting alone it's pretty much in the bag.

The same tips and methods as described in this post work.  The noodles still work but the new trick I've learned is to tell the girls to buy a kg of chicken and bring it over. I cook they fuck. It's even better than noodles.

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