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Top 10 Best children’s books for the Kindle Fire

This is a list of the top 10 very best children's books that can be download for the Kindle reader and the Kindle Fire. Children's books are a good way to get your kids involved in technology and into reading. As books are quickly becoming outdated, your kids are more likely than ever to be reading on portable media and android devices just like the Kindle and the Kindle Fire. Get your children reading today from the very best children's books available for the Kindle Fire.

This is my list of the best children's books you can download on the Kindle and Kindle Fire.

If You Have A Hat. A silly rhyming kindle picture book for children.

If you have a hat

This is one of the best selling children's books ever. It's one of those silly rhyming books that are really fun to read.

The pictures are excellent and will keep a smile on your kids face. The great thing about these kids of children's books is kids never get sick of reading it, but maybe you will! For me I think the pictures are so funny you can't help yourself but laugh.

10 Fun Stories for 4-8 Year Olds (Perfect for Bedtime & Young Readers) Imagination Series Book #1 (Yellow Series)

10 fun stories for 4 to 8 year olds

This collection of short stories for 4 to 8 year olds is a perfect buy. Inside this children's ebook are titles like How the Butterfly Got Its Color, The Magical Mouse, Dinosaurs Are Not Terrible Lizards, children's classics that we all read when we were a kid.

In fact you can buy all these books separately but why would you when they come in one single download. Probably the best value for money children's ebook on Amazon.

Silly Monsters ABC. A nonsense rhyming alphabet kindle picture book for children

silly monster abc childrens books

Looking to start you child out with a good ABC book for the Kindle. Get them reading in a fun way with the silly monster ABC book. Kids love a good rhyming book and why make it boring for them.

This children's ebook has taught more kids the ABC than any other book out there. It's fun and very colourful.

A Dragon Named Dragon (A Children's Picture Book; Perfect Bedtime Story)

a dragon named dragon

This is why I love kindle ebooks because they are just so cheap! Look at this classic children's book.

A dragon named dragon, the hard cover is ten times the price and if you have prime you can read this one for free. This particular kids book was actually written by a 6th grader.

The Truck Book (Pictureback(R))

The Truck Book

Now what little boy doesn't like trucks ey! None! This truck book goes beyond just trucks and includes buses, campers, cars and all sorts of wonderful machinery.

Your little boy will have fun looking at the pictures in this children's book for hours of fun entertainment for him.

The Poky Little Puppy (Little Golden Book)

the poky little puppy

The Poky Little Puppy is a classic children's book. From the famed golden books (now owned by Random House) is a children's book that you will never forget.

Get this classic children's book right on your Kindle for the kids to read. And if you've forgotten the story about Poky the puppy, don't worry, kids just like to look at the pictures.

Richard Scarry's Bedtime Stories (Pictureback(R))

bedtime stories

Five funny tales featuring Lowly Worm, Huckle Cat, Bananas Gorilla, and the rest of Scarry's memorable menagerie are collected in a sleepy time anthology.

Put your children to sleep with the best bedtime stories book available for the kindle fire with real lively pictures that will get your kids to squint before they sleep.

Freddie Frog is Hungry

freddie frog is hungry

Freddie Frog is hungry! He and his very long tongue eat their way through the farm.

Your child will delight in reading this funny tale over and over again as you learn different colors and sizes. The bright illustrations and easy to read words will have your child reading along and chanting "I'm still hungry!"

The Five Mouse Brothers (A Beautifully Illustrated Children Picture Book Adapted From a Classic Chinese Folktale; Perfect Bedtime Story)

The five mouse brothers

The author Rachel is a young 15y/o who has a brilliant knack for telling stories and her children's books are quickly becoming the most read children's books ever. This story of five mouse brothers who are falsely accused of thievery must face the "Wheel of Doom". I guarantee you your kids will love this story and you'll be asked to read it over and over again.

Topsy Turvy - The story of the upside down tree (Owl and Cow)

Topsy Turvy tree

Join our favorite little Owl, in another adventure, with one of Africa's oldest trees. This is a story about friendship, and finding the good in everything.

A beautiful color Picture Book created especially for the iPad, iPod, Blackberry, Kindle and Kindle Fire

I personally think that the Kindle Fire is much better than the Kindle for children because the Kindle is only black and white while the Kindle Fire has a very colorful screen and that's what kids want to see. Having a Kindle Fire for kids is great as long as you don't overload it with games for the kindle fire.

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  1. Michael E. Mitchell December 30, 2011 at 5:22 am #

    Try “The Day My Socks Ran Away”.
    It’s a great eBook thats avalible on the Kindle

  2. Tanya March 12, 2012 at 3:51 am #

    I like these stories very much. But I don’t know how to download them or how to buy the ebooks.

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