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Keyboard for Kindle Fire

People are really starting to get into their Kindle Fire now figuring out what you can and can't do with it. It comes with a touch screen Keyboard for the Kindle Fire but what about an external keyboard for the Kindle Fire?This is a media consumption machine meant for browsing the web, listening to tunes and for watching movies. What it really isn't designed for was things like using a keyboard for typing up emails and chatting with friends.

If your trying to use your Kindle Fire in a social way like sending emails, chatting, or even writing an article such as things it's going to get

annoying because the keyboard that comes with the Kindle Fire is annoying if you have to type more than a text message in length.

Unfortunately there are currently no external keyboards or USB keyboards available for the Kindle Fire. This is rather unfortunate because of the size of the Kindle Fire it's not that big and typing can be annlying especially if you have large hands. For ladies it might be OK though the feel of not having keys press down can take a while to get used to.

Keyboard for the Kindle Fire

Keyboard for the Kindle Fire

The team at Amazon responsible for the Kindle Fire havn't said much about the USB drive that is available apart from the obvious it's ability to read USB devices for folders and to load files. My guess this has more to do with the cost of adding a SD slot than anything else. But basically there is no mechanism in the operating system that allows for devices to talk through the USB device. I don't know if this will happen or not but if it does I'll update this post further if a Keboard becomes available for the Kindle Fire.

Can you get a forieng language keyboard application for Kindle Fire? Currently the answer is no, the web browser does support a few foreign languages currently Thai language isn't one of them but Japanese and Chinese is. If this changes I'll make sure I come back and update the status of using a another language on the Kindle Fire.

If you havn't seen the Kindle keyboard that's available out of the box then check out this Kindle keyboard Video demonstration.

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