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Weird Vibes and stingy Farang

I made some plans to have dinner with my friend she's a chick we go back a year or so now cool girl tends to go for the girls more than the guys and we but heads sometimes cause we both dig the same kind of chicks but it's cool she's a fun girl. I give my mate a call and tell him to come along and invite a couple of other girls it's a weeknight and so not everyone can come it's just a small get together at Sukhasem Cafe.

So I rock up there with this chick that i'm into and would you believe my bloody ex is working there! You know the one I left in Pattaya. Great this is going to be an interesting night isn't it. So my girl friend and my mate rocks up and he's with this chick i told to come earlier they met up at the shopping center earlier and know each other. But this chick is weird we can't figure out what her deal is, is she looking for money or what not sure but she's strange. Anyway this girl I'll call her Tia comes in with my mate sits down and says is this all that's coming? Kinda got the impression that she wanted more guys to come so she can scam them or something whatever it is she does. So about 5 minutes later she calls her friend up to come along. I don't mind so much whatever more people the better right.

Anyway so my ex is giving me weird vibes and the girls can feel it ey it's just a strange night and we finish up with dinner and we're going to go to Infinity afterwards right. But just as we finish up this guy rocks up friend of Tia wearing flip flops shorts and a goofy looking hat. Comes up to the table no introduction doesn't say anything just hello to the girl and sits down and says this table has a weird vibe. Yeah no shit because we don't know who the hell you are and your acting like a total dick head. I'm ready to leave before i get into another fight. Total doosh bag have people totally lost all manners and know how to introduce themselves or something. Where I come from if you acted like a total dick like that with guys you don't know you'd get jumped. So we ditched those two and went with the other two girls and had a good night sometimes when the vibe is bad you just gotta move on.

I never get weird vibes from Thai people always seems to be the Farang hey it might just be me too not sure but I've honestly had it ey. You know when your in your own country everyone is a stranger and there are customs and rituals you don't even think of when you meet new people. In Thailand though the pool of potential friends is much smaller and the dickhead factor in a lot of guys who comes to Thailand is abnormally high. Check out Thai Visa for a complete list!

So like a few months ago i was talking to this chick from Facebook and a few of her friends are friends with this Irish dude. So thought I'd add the guy and start chatting since he lives in Chiang Mai and seemed half normal (for an English teacher anyway) lol. We had planned to meet up go out on the town kinda thing but I was kinda busy and he went back home for a little bit yeah.  Anyway I invite him out to the Karaoke since I don't think he's really done it before.

The other night comes and we plan to meet at Lee Lah. He said he was going to bring his Russian friends with him I'm like sure why not more the merrier right. But I give him a call to confirm and to tell him again that the girls are 150 an hour yeah and you have to pay for drinks for the girls but i'll bring a bottle of Tequila to get the girls wild yeah. He's like he only drinks beer and his mate doesn't drink alcohol. That's cool but I reiterate you gotta help pay for the drinks anyway if he comes because it won't be fun otherwise. Agreed and i rock up at the Karaoke house when they arrive and his mate the Russian dude is in a wheel chair. Now that's cool and everything but what's not cool is you don't tell me this shit before hand. I once had an online date with a chick who forget to inform me she had to wear huge hearing aids you know, that kinda shit you tell people before you meet them you know. I mean they never been there think you'd ask if it's wheel chair accessible or like what he's after and stuff I dunno guys if it were me i'd say that shit before hand because lack of mobility can be a problem in a karaoke room. Still optimistic we can have a good time we go in and get the room.

Unfortunately the police are up from Bangkok checking the Karaoke's for underage girls (under 20) and since half the girls at this karaoke are underage there's not much choice. I don't know this till I get in the room though and fuck once your in one of these places it's kinda bad form to leave right away you know. So I tell them just to pick a girl we'll hang here for an hour then we'll leave from there and go somewhere else. I ask them to pick a girl and line up about 8 chicks not good looking but there all fun girls and hell you don't go to Karaoke to get laid most the times anyway. These guys refused to get a girl, must be a European thing because I've had other Europeans do this shit before. In fact the Irish guy says to me "I want to sit and talk to her first". Dude don't you know if you want to sit and talk to her your going to have to pay to do that? OMG amatures.

I just tell 3 girls to come in and sit with us cause these guys are really giving me the shits you know. Talk about weird vibes again. My good friend arrives and he's an upbeat guy and I can tell he's weired about these guys too. Sure they don't know me and they've never read my blog which probably is my mistaken for meeting up with them in the first place this is why I have the VIP membership in place so I don't have to meet up with pussies who don't know how to have fun.

We're in Thailand bro you gotta experience every level of entertainment, everyones been to a dive bar back home and everyones been to a classy restaurant. Thailand has those levels too but if you're a guy that only wants to eat champagne then don't arrange to meet me at a cheap karaoke house bro!

So an hour has almost past and I tell the guy i'm getting the bill to go somewhere else which is really I don't wanna hang out with you guys anymore cause your boring as fuck. I get the bill and of course they've added more to the bill then normal and i tell them to change it up and it comes back 1100 baht. 300 baht each guys we had some beers and I had already brought a bottle of tiquila earlier that night which one of the girls had like 15 shots from they were hoping we'd stay lol. Anyway the guy in the wheel chair is like I'm not paying that! I only drank water!

You stingy mother F*&^(^&*

Here we're talking about nine dollars and some change. It sucked the girls weren't there tonight but hey we're gonna move on and you wanna tell me you don't wanna pay because you only drank water you stingy prick! Again why I only wanna meet VIP members who don't wanna count drinks and bitch about getting shorted $3. I mean seriously guys I told these guys on the phone that it's gonna cost them about 300 baht an hour when we're there and I don't care if your drinking or not because that's what the total cost is if you drink or don't drink it'll probably be about the same and then you come along and bitch because you have to pay an extra 100 baht more than you should because you didn't drink. Dude I brought a bottle with me see me asking for 100 baht for the girls who drank for it OMG I almost went ape shit at this guy but how do you yell at a guy in a wheel chair I dunno i didn't want to stuff up my night so told the irish dude to give me 500 and he can get the rest off his mate. Cheap cunt.

The Irish guy planned to come to the next karaoke house which is step up (maybe a leap) higher than this joint is but honestly I was glad when he bailed and said he'd just go home because dude if these guys are bitching about 100 baht what they going to do when they get a 3000 baht bill which is what it would have been at the next place.

See you take a guy to the cheapest place in town and he still bitches over 100 baht what do you do with that? He ain't happy in a cheap place the girls aren't good enough for him but he'll bitch over 100 baht what's up with that?

picture of a tightwad

stingy farang should move here

For guys starting out with Karoake Lee Lah is a great place to start not because the girls are good looking or anything but because if you don't know what your doing then it's better to start there than going to Bang saen where the girls are 400 baht an hour and if you don't know yet how to work em then you'll feel ripped off. But if you go in and bitch over 100 baht then you know what just stay at home dude.

My mate pointed out to me that the XS at Wynn in Las vegas is $2000 for the table $400 for a bottle of grey goose and $300 for a girl to sit with you and this is before you pay for mixers and tips! Sure the girl is hot but when you go to a place that costs you $10-$20 an hour for everything don't bitch about it this is Thailand relax and just go with the flow.

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12 Responses to Weird Vibes and stingy Farang

  1. MagicMax August 18, 2012 at 9:18 am #

    Hahaha I know exactly what you mean hahahaha

  2. Dr. Taco August 18, 2012 at 1:27 pm #

    As long as we are on the subject of douche bags, I was in the newly re-opened Spicy . . . . need I say more? Anyway it may be Spice now, not sure.

    So I am in this tiny beer bar way off the beaten path. I know the mama-san who rents/runs the business and she had just pimped out her last girl and she didn’t want to close up alone. So I hang around as she locks up. Then she wants to go to Spicy since it is open again. We do that sometimes, she is really short so she dances in front of me (keeping contact with my groin), she is a little hill tribe girl so I can easily see over her head and check out the other eye candy. She buys maybe 25% of the drinks, but no one hassles her, and I have fun with an in house crotch massage. Why she doesn’t want to go alone and pick up guys, I don’t know. Anyway we both win, right?

    No this is Spicy. So we are doing our thing and this little teenage or early twenty something Arab leans over the table and talks to my bar girl, which is fine. Then he straitens up, looks at me and does the index finger across the throat thing and walks off.

    My girl turns and say that the kid asked her to go have anal sex (apparently un-married butt is OK, just don’t touch that evil vagina). She being a bar girl and this being Spicy it is not a shocking question so she just answered “Sorry I’m with this guy tonight” meaning me. So this kid says he is going to slit my throat and have butt sex with her anyway.

    What the F? So for the rest of the night I have these two little douche bags giving me the eye. And they were not Osama looking, they were the little pretty boy “are you gay” kind of looking. Then they follow us out and stand across the street while we get on our motorbike.

    Again I say what the F? If the kid wanted butt sex, this is Thailand, go get it. Instead he wastes his night giving me the evil eye.

    Also I might point out, if a girl says “no” to you, threatening to kill the guy she is with and then raping her anyway is probably not a turn on. I’m no dating expert, I do pay for sex, but I just doubt girls dig it.

    • mguy October 4, 2012 at 10:48 pm #

      Ftards like that never cease to amaze me.

  3. David August 18, 2012 at 1:35 pm #

    I totally agree…sounds like a cheap night out! Fun
    Can you tell the viewers what the normal rates are at these bars? Cost/drink/how to avoid being scammed etc…. Its not the real costs that I worry about at these places, it is being scammed and not being knowledgeable enough set it straight at the end of the night!

  4. BlueMan August 18, 2012 at 2:13 pm #

    Farang kee nok!

  5. American August 19, 2012 at 7:26 am #

    I don’t go to expensive places with people I don’t know anymore. Even good friends from the west can be cranky. Had a 5200 baht bill (2 bottles of black, 1 bottle of red, mixers, and 3 girls) for 3 hours with 3 other friends (2 thai and 1 western). It was supposed to be split up between the 2 of us but he “just came to take pictures” and “I don’t even like whiskey” (but he drank it). And it was embarassing as he continually tried to sneak pics inside and the staff were super polite and asked him not to take pics of other people (like 3 times). He got pissy when I told him we were going to RCA but he has to wear nice clothes (no flip flops), no camera and had to give me at least 2000 baht towards expenses. He didn’t go and we had a blast.

    A new friend, (even if known them on Internet long time), gets the “lets go for a beer” and I’ll see how he handles the check-bin. Handled poorly, just happy hour draft with him from now on. Otherwise game on.

    Oh and about the major clubs in Vegas…. Unless you meet the “visual” requirements, you can’t even get a $2000 table. Visual = hip and look under 30 or…. super hip, look super rich, and look under 40 or….. super hip, look super rich, bring 3 HOT girls and look in your 40’s or younger or….. celebrity (of TV/Movie fame). If you are chubby or balding or not wearing at least $500 in clothes, forget it. Utterly useless and stupid to spend that type of money on BS.

  6. jack August 21, 2012 at 3:41 am #

    thailand = many shit farang, no wonder the locals have a negative opinion of us.

  7. mark August 21, 2012 at 3:05 pm #

    er could you mention “VIP” once again….

  8. Jai Dee August 22, 2012 at 1:46 am #

    Not all “falang” are that bad,especially in Chiang Mai.
    Besides,the Thai’s are far more prejudiced towards hill tribes,or “Paa maa” (Burmese) or Thai Yai,or Cambodians or Issan ….etc etc….555…not so different from the rest of the world, when it comes to categorizing people, I’m afraid.

  9. Tony Perez August 22, 2012 at 2:34 am #

    Lol I’m out side on my porch next to the beach in America reading the story. Thanks. See you in Oct 🙂

  10. VTwinAhmnaht August 22, 2012 at 9:01 am #

    Typical fuckin’ Euros man. If you’re heading out for the night then do it right, if you wanna save them ducets then stay home and jerk-off. Just remember brother bad nights make good stories for the blog and make the great nights even better. Cheers

  11. Lee Vincent March 23, 2013 at 11:57 pm #

    Been coming here 18 years and lived here last 7, never had a problem with the Thais. Be polite, treat them with respect.

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