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Why do my feet get dry and crack when i’m in Thailand

For those of you who have stayed in Thailand for more than a few months you would have noticed also that your feet can become dry and start cracking. Sometimes these dry feet have massive cracks in them too, more often than not you stare at those deep crevecis and wonder why they are so, yet at the same time you do nothing to stop your feet from being so dry.

Why do my feet get dry and crack when i'm in Thailand

Find foot creams that can fix your dry sore cracked feet.

Reasons why your feet crack in Thailand

  • The high humidity dry's out your skin.
  • People who live in Thailand rarely wear shoes therefore they get more dry.
  • Flat feet
  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid disease
  • Obesity, being overweight puts pressure on your feet making them crack
  • Dirty feet

What can I do about my dry sore cracked feet in Thailand

If you choose to use a foot cream make sure the cream you use absorbs quickly into the skin and has good recommendations.

Wearing socks is the best cure to dry feet in Thailand

I used to have dry feet that were cracking, typically this happens to me in Chiang Mai when the weather starts to get cold, I don't know why the cold weather does that to me (though it's not really that cold) it just does. I basically make sure i wear shoes everwhere and rarely do I wear flip flops. I found that after wearing socks and sneakers everywhere my feet cleared right up and are back to normal. Though I don't think wearing thongs alone are the reason why they were so dry, it was more due to the fact that I would walk all over the place in flip flops. While this isn't a medical remedie it did work for me, though i don't have the other reasons why i get dry cracked feet in Thailand.

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  1. Cracked Feet November 8, 2011 at 6:17 pm #

    This are truly great infos and very useful tips, Thanks! One option if you need a lotion to use in conjunction with the above remedies is Pure Pedi. Our exclusive formula of exfoliating alpha hydroxy acids AHAs will easily remove dry, cracked skin build-up and calluses from the heels and feet.

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