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Hotels in Bangkok

Private pool hotel in bangkok

plunge pool in hotel bangkok

Space is a luxury in Bangkok and while you can get a large room at a 5 star hotel you’ll have some troubles finding a Hotel in Bangkok that also offers a private pool. My friend was coming to Thailand and asked me the other day where can he get a hotel with a private [...]

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4 Awesome hotels in Thailand Bangkok Pattaya Phuket Chiang Mai

In the past few months I have only stayed in hotels in Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, and Phuket. After staying in dozens of hotels I recently invested more time into looking at nearly every internet review I could find for any hotel in consideration. After putting the time in I really think I hit the [...]

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10 Good Hotels Near Soi Cowboy Bangkok

grande centre point sukhumvit terminal 21

If you don’t know where or what Soi Cowboy in Bangkok Thailand is all about then I suggest you read my article about Soi Cowboy first before you decide to go there. I think if you havn’t been then you should probably go on your next trip. I prefer Soi Cowboy to Nana Plaza because [...]

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10 Hotels Near Nana Plaza Bangkok

Dynasty Grande Hotel

So your looking for a hotel near Nana Plaza in Bangkok huh? Well you’ve come to the right place because I’ve listed below 10 hotels that are so close to Nana Plaza you can easily walk to one of the most famous night adult entertainment spots in all of Bangkok. Majestic Suite Hotel 1,232 Baht [...]

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10 Good Hotels Near Bangkok Airport

Plai Garden Boutique Guesthouse Suvarnabhumi Airport

The very modern Suvarnabhumi International Bangkok Airport is about 30km or around 40 minutes by taxi from the center of Bangkok. It’s not exactly in Bangkok but people still say the Bangkok Airport because it is the airport you fly into if you want to get to Bangkok. This is a list of hotels near [...]

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7 Cheap Hotels in Bangkok with swimming pools

Rambuttri Village Hotel

Want to stay in Bangkok and feel like a bit of a dip then you might have to pay top dollar for a hotel with a swimming pool. However there have been a few new hotels open up in Bangkok some right on Sukhumvit road that are cheap and affordable that also have a guest [...]

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Best place to stay in Bangkok for shopping

Best place to stay in Bangkok for shopping

Over the past three years I must have spent over 300 hours walking around Bangkok looking for the best bargains on wholesale cloths at the 3 shopping districts of Bangkok. These deals I’ve been searching to sell on my eBay account. Shopping in Bangkok can be fun but you know what it’s tiring and the [...]

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Hotels Not Flooded In Bangkok

Hotels Not Flooded In Bangkok

Last thing you want to do is get to Bangkok and find your hotel is flooded. Even though most of the inner city of Bangkok is dry there has been a number of hotels that had their lobbies flooded. That’s why i’ve created this list of hotels in Bangkok that are not flooded. Sacha’s Hotel [...]

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Business Hotels In Bangkok

Doing business in Bangkok Thailand and need a place to stay then definitely you need this list of business hotels in Bangkok. Bangkok is well known as south east Asia’s important business hub and that world-class standards are recognized in this brilliant business environment. While the floods in Bangkok in November of 2011 have impeded [...]

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Hotels in Bangkok not affected by the flooding

Hotels away from the floods in Bangkok

Still planning a trip to Bangkok? The floods are hitting Bangkok pretty hard but it’s still possible to go to Bangkok especially if your on business or just want to stay in the city center. The government of Thailand is doing everything it can possibly do to make sure those areas stay dry. So I’ve [...]

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Top 10 Luxury Hotels in Bangkok

Bangkok Thailand is no stranger to luxury, the City of Angels boasts some of the most luxurious hotels in all of south east Asia. Amazingly so however a luxury hotel in Bangkok is only the 10th of the price of say a 5 star hotel in New York or Madrid. Bangkok Thailand has some of [...]

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Cheap hotels in Bangkok with free WiFi

Madee Hostel cheap hotel with free wifi

Are you looking for a cheap hotel in Bangkok with free WiFi. Then look no further because I have an up to date list of the cheapest hotels in Bangkok that offer free WiFi to it’s guests. Top 10 list of cheap hotels in Bangkok with free WiFi KS Guesthouse 339 Baht or $11 USD [...]

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Bangkok Hotels With Girls

The Dawin Hotel Bangkok Hotels With Girls

Want to know which hotels in Bangkok has girls? Which Hotels in Bangkok are girl friendly? Which hotels in Bangkok are close to sideline girls, massage parlor girls, which hotels have the soapy massage parlors right in the lobby? Then I have the ultimate list of Bangkok hotels with girls. [ad#Agoda Bangkok 468] Hotels with [...]

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