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where to live in thailand

Bangkok vs Chiang Mai vs Pattaya

I’ve been living in Bangkok a while now and if you’ve followed this blog over the years you’d know that I’ve lived in Pattaya…twice.. yet the majority of my 7 years in Thailand have been at Chiang Mai. I must […]

go go bars in Bangkok

Top 3 Best Go Go Bars in Soi Cowboy

If you’ve never been before or havn’t been in a while then knowing which gogo bars to head to in Soi Cowboy can be like trying to guess someone’s weight over the phone. Fortunately this past month I’ve been to […]

Bangkok Bachelor Party

I often get asked about what to do for a Bachelor party in Bangkok so I thought I’d tell you the easiest way. Don’t organize it yourself! This advice is definitely useful if you have a large group 8 or […]

soapy massages bangkok

More Soapy Massages than Temples

They call Bangkok the City of Angels and at least in Thai that’s what it means, but to the outside world they call it the city of sex and there’s no shortage of answers why. One of those reasons is […]

go go bars in Bangkok

The real GoGo Guru’s of Bangkok

Probably one of the most underrated websites in Bangkok is BangkokNightlife.com it isn’t getting near as enough attention as it deserves. There’s a hundred or so blogs talking about Bangkok some are boring some are old news and most really suck. Most […]

Bangkok Comedy Club

Comedy Clubs in Bangkok

Looking for a few laughs in the city of angels you really can’t go wrong with a night at a comedy club. I like the open mic nights because you get some really strange people with some strange humor. These […]

things to do in bangkok at night

Things to do in Bangkok at Night

The city of Bangkok really comes alive at night and there are numerous bars, pubs and clubs that are just waiting to be explored. While Bangkok is without doubt the party capital of Thailand, you don’t have to go on […]

Teen Massage Parlors in Bangkok

If you’re getting sick of the Isaan bar girls done with the soapy massages and tired of the club girls and g clubs and are looking for some quick relief with some hot young Thai females then it’s about time […]

Nana Disco Bangkok

Nana Disco Bangkok

The Nana Disco in Bangkok was the first nightclub I’d ever been to. For a young teen to say the least it was a bit of an eye opener. Lot’s changed since the 90’s though when free entrance and cheap […]

Bisexual Escort Service in Bangkok

Bisexual Escort Service in Bangkok

I’ve heard people say that Escort services in Bangkok are too expensive, that might be the case for the guys who prefer beer bar girls and girls from the coconut palms of Pattaya but when compared to Go Go girls […]

Nui's Jazz club Silom Bangkok

The Best Jazz Clubs In Bangkok

I really enjoy Jazz especially with a nice drink but sometimes I just don’t feel like getting all dressed up to go to one, and that’s what you feel like in the Bangkok Jazz scene. Nonetheless there are some really […]

The Best Escort Agency in Bangkok

I came across some fliers for an escort agency in Bangkok more than a few times and their marketing must have worked because I was curious enough to check out their site Bangkok Escorts and to look into their services. […]

Scratch Dog Bangkok Nightlife

Nightclubs on Sukhumvit Road Bangkok

If you’re looking for a night out on Sukhumvit then you havn’t really experienced the nightlife in Bangkok until you’ve been to at least 3 of the following Night clubs in Bangkok. Bangkok night clubs have many different levels of […]

Poseidon soapy massage Bangkok

Dirty Soapy Massage Parlours in Bangkok

Bangkok has hands down the best nightlife in Thailand and as for soapy massages you can’t beet the number of places or girls working in the Soapies as you can Bangkok! I think I counted maybe 6 or 7 soapy […]

clubbing in Bangkok

Nightclubbing in Bangkok

For those guys who love the nightlife who love to go out clubbing then I’ve found one of the most unique and coolest websites for clubbing in Bangkok! The website is called thbn4u.com and if you don’t have your profile […]

The Pimp Coyote Club

Complete Guide to Gentlemen’s clubs in Bangkok (Bangkok Coyote Clubs)

If you hate night clubs then a gentlemen’s club in Bangkok might be just the thing to change your mind. There are dozens of coyote clubs in Bangkok and at these kinds of places you feel like your at a […]