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Candid Interview With The Mayor of Pattaya

A most candid video with arguably the most connected person in Pattaya the Mayor of Pattaya Mr อิทธิพล คุณปลื้ม. The interview is all in Thai, the most interesting piece was when he actually speaks some English, this is what the Mayor of Pattaya says.

We don't have a sex business, we have a service business 5:40

The Mayor also talks about current projects in Pattaya including a high speed train from the Suwannaphum airport in Bangkok. When asked about the high speed train project and how long it would take from the airport he says it wouldn't be more than an hour. Don't think that's high speed though, I was in a cab that took a bit less than that! But then again the cab was going mach 5.

So hope you find the interview as interesting and hilarious at the same time as I did.

The whole show is shown over four videos, in other videos you get to see the Mayor's house, down by walking street, driving himself around without a bodyguard.

#1 http://youtu.be/W9VzYjpSCqw

#2 http://youtu.be/dOpNnVdQ7ro

#3 http://youtu.be/3oxVLhYmFFA

#4 http://youtu.be/N2UWh-TZWzQ

The Mayor of Pattaya

The Mayor of Pattaya

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3 Responses to Candid Interview With The Mayor of Pattaya

  1. american March 10, 2013 at 10:00 am #

    It is 121km from Pattaya Central Mall to the airport. Getting from Pats to the airport in under an hour would be probably something like a top speed of 150km for about 55minute door to door including acceleration and deceleration. Generally, the conscensous in many juristictions is 145km or 150kmph + is high speed. Some say 200kmph is high speed. If you are used to bangkok traffic then I’d say anything of 10kmph is high speed.

  2. Milbrath April 5, 2013 at 11:45 pm #

    Somchai Khunpluem is his dad. He is finally in custody now after being on the run for many years. The “Godfather Of Chonburi” they call him, one of Thailand’s biggest crime bosses. Google it. Pattaya will make more sense after you do.


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