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Thai Girl Roller Skaters

Sexy Thai Girl Roller Skaters Not Welcome

A Video of a bunch of Thai roller skaters getting kicked out of Siam Paragon is going viral on YouTube this week, and why not what are these guys thinking, they should go back to sleep. In the video the girls […]

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The Mayor of Pattaya

Candid Interview With The Mayor of Pattaya

A most candid video with arguably the most connected person in Pattaya the Mayor of Pattaya Mr อิทธิพล คุณปลื้ม. The interview is all in Thai, the most interesting piece was when he actually speaks some English, this is what the […]

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Richest man in thailand Dhanin Chearvanont

Top 10 Richest people in Thailand

The Forbes billionaire rich list is out and no surprise that Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are still in the top 10 but Thailand now has 10 billionaires on the list! Somehow I think there’s more but have their assets […]

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Aussie Guy Sings for The Star Thailand

Aussie Guy Sings for The Star Thailand

I don’t watch TV anymore so I’m out of the loop on all the news other than what I might see on the internet. So when a girl messages me on Facebook and says there’s a Aussie guy called Chris […]

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no flying to pattaya

You can’t fly in Pattaya

I had a guy tell me the other day that he won’t go to Pattaya because you can’t fly. Puzzled I was confused. Why would you want to fly when you can just get a cab takes no more than […]

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stupid sign in khon kaen

Stupid Sign in Khon Kaen

I’ve seen a lot of really stupid signs in Thailand before, most common one is french fried. I’m not one to talk about spelling and grammar but when it comes to naming your business, this is something you should really […]

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Rat meat in Thailand

The price of Rat meat goes up in Thailand

I rarely copy a news story but a story about eating rats I can’t pass up. This story from PDN about the price of rat meat in Phitsanulok. Before you think that’s it’s only poor farmers eating rats, the cost […]

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Thai Girl Rape Story

Should I have stopped the guy raping a Thai Girl

My life which like that of other Expats in Thailand either retired out here early or working online typically sleep when the sun comes up. Being awake during the night however you see a lot of crazy stuff happen even […]

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One Way Only For Nimmanhaemin Road

One Way Only For Nimmanhaemin Road

Popular Nimmanhaemin Road in Chiang Mai will soon become a little easier to drive on as you’ll only be able to drive down it one way and odd Soi numbers 3-17 will also become one way only. They are doing […]

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Teachers being killed in The Jihad war Thailand

When I was a kid there were a few teachers that I’d like to have killed, typically those who gave me too much homework so I couldn’t go hang out with me mates. If your a teacher in Thailand’s south […]

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Pepsi will no longer sell their drink in a glass bottle Thailand

Pepsi will no longer sell their drink in a glass bottle Thailand

Can’t find a Pepsi bottle anywhere in Thailand? Well your not alone, since the beginning of November the favourite cola drink for many people has disappeared and replaced with a Thai Rip-off called EST. Now EST doesn’t taste anything like […]

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Evil man from Krabi Video

Evil man from Krabi Video

Viral video Evil man from Krabi has forced thousands of cancellations on the small Thailand island. The video is in response to the Thai male tour operator who beat and raped a 19y/o Dutch model from Holland. The video has […]

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Indian Man Brutally Murders a bar girl in Chiang Mai

On 18th October, around 5.51 p.m, Chiang Mai City Police Station received a call that a woman had been brutally murdered at a guesthouse on Kochasarn Road, Chang Klan. Police arrived at the scene with a rescue team and autopsy […]

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New Blogger At Living Thai

Lately this blog has taken up a lot of my time and honestly I can’t do everything myself so I’ve gone and and found the best blogger that money can buy to help write more interesting and legible stories for […]

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Russian Tasered at Karaoke club in Chiang Mai

This past Monday the 22nd September a Russian tourist Mr. Alexander Sheshko, aged 38 was at the BUNNY GIRL Karoake club located on Chang Klan road in the city of Chiang Mai. He was beaten with sticks and Tasered by […]

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Gangnam Style Thailand

If you havn’t heard this song by now it’s likely you just live in a cave! The Gangnam Style song is everywhere and the first day I heard it on Gangnam Style you tube video it only had one million […]

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