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3 men arrested for raping their little sister

Journalists reported that on at 17:00 prm (17 April), Col. Nat Watcharas Pung Poe's deputy director of investigations of Muang Ang Thong issued a warrant to arrest for the third brother who raped his own sister, the 3rd man just 15 years old was sitting in the house when the raid occured and continues to lie about the incident.

Later extraction or capture of Mr. Dilok  is the eldest brother at 27 years old, the eldest brother and the second boy is 18 years old and was arrested in the truck where here was coming back from setting up a chinese restaurant. The police brought all three accused in for questioning. It has been revealed that all three men brothers of the victom had taken turns in raping the little girl. The rape had occured continusly for many years until the day the girl becoming infected with an STD and had to go to the doctor to clear the infection.

More information has revealed that the now 18y/o brother had been raping the girl for the past 3 years and the eldest brother had raped the girl since 2010. Since the beginning of april this year 2011 the girl had been raped at the same time by the 15y/o and 18 year old brothers at the same time. The girl was subjected to rape all day and all night on one occasion until she had been infected and was neccessary to go to the doctor. All the occured while the parents of the girl were at work.

The age of the victom has not been disclosed but is younger than the brothers who raped her. Police said the crime is obscene and drugs influenced the men to have sex with their sister.

3 men arrested for raping their little sister

3 men arrested for raping their little sister

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