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Jealous Thai Boy Kills His Girlfriend in Chiang Mai Classroom

A jealous male Payap university student walked into the classroom of his girlfriend at Mae Jo University where his girlfriend studies and shot his girlfriend dead before turning the gun on himself and committing suicide. An act of desperation and extreme jealousy.

The incident occurred at 3pm on the 1st of July in room 409 forth level in the Architecture block of Mae Joe university. After the shots rang out both the students in the classroom were terrified and started fleeing the building, while students from adjoining rooms and on the same level of the building rushed to the room to see what happened. There was panic after the shots were fired.

Jealous Thai Boy Kills His Girlfriend in Chiang Mai Classroom

Jealous Thai Boy Kills His Girlfriend in Chiang Mai Classroom

The boy 19y/o studies in his first year of university and brought a .22 rifle shotgun and shot the young young lady 20y/o in her 2nd year of university just above the left brow. The two were taken by paramedics to the local hospital and were in a severe coma.

Police investigating the murder suicide found that the pair had actually been an item girlfriend/boyfriend since high school but since moving to different schools their lives had changed and for the girl especially. Trouble had begin a while back and the pair were often seen arguing loudly, and an incident not long ago that the young boy threatened to kill the girl. Police were even notified earlier last month about the boy who was issuing death threats against the girl, but because they were threats the police could not do much at that time.

Thai people are extremely emotional when it comes to matters of the heart and a Jealous boy or Jealous Thai girl can sometimes end in tragedy like in the matter of this case here. Guns are also easily accessible for Thai people but in this incident the boy carried a rifle which means that he must have got it from someone else, the person who owns the gun should be partly responsible for not locking it away!

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  1. charlieboz February 18, 2013 at 8:37 am #

    Police where not able to do anything because it was only a threat? ha ha, amazing Thailand

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