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Thai girls are interesting creatures

Problems with playing the game in Thailand

Problems with playing the game in Thailand

Sometimes I’ll go through months of using Dating Sites, then I’ll move to the Chat Sites, then i’ll go through periods of sleaze where I’m hitting the Karaoke Clubs, G clubs and go go clubs, I’ll have stints at beer […]

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Thai girl in Korat Thailand

What happened when i met a Thai girl in Korat

Korat is a decent sized place in Thailand and the nightlife there closes late it’s very much working class and a lot of Thai’s from out of state visiting. It doesn’t have the fancy coffee shops although they are there […]

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Should you have a girlfriend in Thailand?

The lines are pretty divided when it comes to having a girlfriend in Thailand, the question is so broad and crosses many ages. I know young guys in Thailand without girlfriends and as many as older guys without girlfriends either. […]

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Mr Bean is the biggest playboy in Thailand

Why Mr Bean is the biggest Playboy in Thailand

Ask a Thai person who Abraham Lincoln is or perhaps Lindsay Lohan is and your more than likely to a 99.9% blank stare rate. The same thing is likely to happen if you mention the name Rowen Atkinson, however say […]

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Why i'll never date a bar girl from Thailand

Why i’ll never date a bar girl from Thailand

Sometimes I really wonder why people date bar girls and prostitutes, karaoke girls and street walkers. Let me say as loudly as I can to you DONT DO IT! It’s not exactly brain science but there is a reason why […]

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Don’t give any Thai Girls money

Let’s face it, Thailand isn’t the richest country in the world and for 90% of girls you meet they make less than 15,000 baht a month and living on that much money a Thai girl has it tough. Being a […]

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Pattaya vs Chiang Mai, the 2012 Debate

While the Americans have just concluded the 2012 Presidential debates, Chris and I have decided to publicly engage in our own little debate. You see we have a difference of opinion when it comes to the topic of “best place […]

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Things we should appreciate about Thai women more than we do

Doesn’t it seem like the internet is overwhelmingly negative? I think it’s just easier to pick a person, place, or thing apart when there are almost no consequences of doing so. Perhaps I’m even guilty of this with one of […]

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Thai Girl Habits I Can Do Without

Saying, “It’s up to you” – It’s certainly not attractive when a woman is bossy, but an underrated turn off is to be incredibly indecisive. The first few times you heard a Thai girl tell you, “It’s up to you” […]

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5 Characteristics of a Good Thai Girl

I don’t think there’s any guy out there that wakes up sober and sane and in the right from of mind and dreams of having a bar gril as a girlfriend. Those that do well, more power to you. But […]

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grow some balls guys

Thai girls have balls

I think a lot of guys could learn something from Thai girls because a lot of girls that I’ve met especially the working girls have balls of steel! The bleeding hearts might tell you I’m a cheap bastard cause all […]

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Bangkok Sideline Girl

Spot Dek Sideline Girls online

Sideline girls are in more numbers on the Thai language only dating sites than they are on the dual language dating sites. A typical sideline girl is someone who is prostituting themselves out over the Internet for a set fee […]

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Why good Thai girls make awesome girlfriends

Why good Thai girls make awesome girlfriends

You know I don’t believe there is truly any good Thai girls we all have a little something to hide but that’s ok because here I’m always whining about Thai girls and how they are this or that but today […]

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Self Righteous Thai Bar Girls

Self Righteous Thai Bar Girls

A while ago I did something I don’t normally do. I picked up a Thai bar girl! Well the reality is she picked me up as I was just sitting at the Zoe In Yellow minding my own business when […]

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why do thai girls like white guys?

Why do Thai girls like Farang guys?

Are Thai girls really interested in Farang guys or are they really only interested in what a Farang can provide financially. Ask a bar girl why she wants a farang and she’ll tell you straight out so that he can […]

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Thai girls

Are Thai girls stupid?

I once sponsored a girl here in Chiang Mai actually she was from Chon Buri she had just finished high school tried her hand at a Go Go in Pattaya and decided she’d rather just be sponsored by a guy […]

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