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M. Schwartz is an expert in all things Thailand. Having seen and done it all, there is nobody more equipped to teach about a successful ex-pat transition to Thailand. He wrote the cult classic guide book for men in Thailand called, How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck in Thailand

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President Obama comes to Thailand

Fresh off of his re-election victory, President Obama will be coming to Thailand in less than a week. The President is due to arrive in Thailand some time on Sunday (though time and date not yet officially confirmed) during a […]

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Where to travel in Thailand

You can never really run out of places and attractions to see in Thailand. With spectacular beaches, ideal weather, affordable prices, and an interesting and well defined culture, there are too many destination options to list. Regardless of where you […]

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How to be a good wingman in Thailand

Going out in Thailand alone is nothing like going out alone in most other countries. Here, you can actually have a great time when you’re by yourself and nobody looks at you weird for being a loner. But, while a […]

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How to make yourself attractive to Thai girls

Things aren’t as easy as they used to be; Thai girls are starting to get a little picky! Years ago Thai girls weren’t connected to Western men unless they met them in person. But thanks to dating sites and social […]

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What’s the best GoGo bar in Pattaya?

I was out last night in full party mode and I noticed a changing of the guard. Veterans to the scene know that Baccara is currently the most highly rated Gogo in Pattaya by many standards and I’ve never had […]

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Would you get Plastic Surgery in Thailand?

I had a conversation with a young friend of mine recently about plastic surgery in Thailand. We talked about the obvious advantages of being able to get your girlfriend or wife some procedures done at a cheap price. But once […]

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What to Make of the Apple Ipad Mini

The tablet market is changing rapidly and Apple’s new Ipad Mini shows that the consumer is the big winner. We don’t win because the Mini is such a great product, we win because the tablet makers have no choice but […]

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Pattaya vs Chiang Mai, the 2012 Debate

While the Americans have just concluded the 2012 Presidential debates, Chris and I have decided to publicly engage in our own little debate. You see we have a difference of opinion when it comes to the topic of “best place […]

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How to lose weight in Thailand

There is so much crap out there regarding health and wellness, and half of it is contradicting towards the other half, and most of it is obvious. The “lose weight quick” pitches trying to get you buy videos and e-books […]

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Pattaya Nightclub Reviews Pt. 2

As promised, here is the 2nd and final part of the in depth reviews of the best discos in Pattaya. I’m taking all of the guessing out of the equation for you and giving you all of the pertinent details […]

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Pattaya Nightclub Reviews Pt. 1

Pattaya has a good amount of discos that are open late and they all seem to offer something different. Only Bangkok can compete with the options Pattaya gives you, but Pattaya has to be the best in Thailand for after […]

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My checklist for going out in Pattaya

IF you are going out for a jam packed night of craziness in Pattaya, you must prepare for your adventure by having all of the tools of the trade ready to go. Here is my personal checklist; and in case […]

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Losing face in Thailand is BS

Often times when I get into conversations with guys at the bar, I let them share all of their “expertise” while I just sit back and listen. Naturally everyone thinks they’re an expert, but I’m not very confrontational so I […]

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Free TV in Thailand

You can watch anything you could ever want on demand for free in perfect quality right on your TV. Many people know this is possible, but too few in Thailand are getting the most out of what’s out there. So […]

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Two fantastic Buffets in Pattaya

With nearly 100 buffets to choose from in Pattaya there are no shortage of options. Having lived here for many years and having gone to most, I thought I would share my two very favorite places with you. Daruma Shabu […]

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I got robbed at an ATM in Pattaya

I’m sure you’ve heard about some ATM fraud going around in Thailand, specifically Pattaya. And I’m sure the information went in one ear and out the other. Well, I was a victim this past week and it was a huge […]

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