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Thai girls are interesting creatures

Topless Girl at Central Festival Pattaya

topless girl at central festival pattaya

Photo of a topless half/thai girl at Central Festival Pattaya is going viral on Facebook as Thai’s continue to discuss the moral issue. Even though it is illegal to be naked in public it’s barely punishable most people getting a max 1000 baht fine. My own opinion “a bit of harmless fun”.

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Gold Digger Gangs in Thailand

Ask children around the world what they want to be when they grow up. The guys will say a fireman, policeman, doctor, politician while the girls are more likely to be models, actors, celebrities. But as some of these kids get older reality bites and their talents known and those kids end up being bricklayers, [...]

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How to make money selling drugs

thai girl this week

No this post isn’t going to tell you how to sell drugs in Thailand. In fact if you did I’d come and get you myself! It’s the title of a documentary film as you’ll see later in the post. I’ve been told Thai Love Web now has over 5000 members 80% of them women and [...]

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Are Thai Girls Flaky?

flaky thai girls

Have you been in Thailand for a while and find that Thai girls are flaky? Or is it that they are not interested in you? After years of living in Thailand and racking up over 1000 dates with Thai girls of all ages it’s still pretty hard for me to make a solid statement about [...]

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Giving Thai Girls Money

giving thai girls money

Should you give your Thai girlfriend Money? Seems to be a common discussion among expats in Thailand and the “how much you should give” seems to be the next obvious question. Honestly the first few years in Thailand I thought this was a daft notion. Why would you give any chick who’s not a whore [...]

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Sex in Thailand – Thai Sex Book

Sex in Thailand

So, you’re heading over to Thailand, huh? Maybe you’re just popping in for a weekend of debauchery for some sex in Thailand, or perhaps you’re planning an extended holiday and want to have the time of your life. Hell, maybe you’re even thinking of moving here for good (and with the incredible weather, cheap cost of [...]

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Dark Skin or Light Skin Thai Girls

In the west we have a saying “Blondes have more fun”. In Thailand we have a saying “darker girls have more fun”. I get asked all the time and you get this too i’m sure, Thai women will ask “Why do Farang like dark girls”. For years I tried to explain that it’s not really [...]

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Chasing Thai Bar Girls

chasing Thai bar girls

Playing the game in Thailand is pretty easy a $1000 a month stipend you can have a place to live all the food you can eat and combined with a smart phone you can pretty much get laid as much as provided you put in some effort. But when you couldn’t be bothered to put [...]

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When Thai Girls Ask For Money

When Thai Girls Ask For Money

You won’t start dating Thai girls for long before you get hit up for some money. First of all your OK with it. I mean ten bucks here for dinner, 20 bucks maybe for some shoes all good. Then before you know it you’re getting hit up for thousands of baht and some girls even [...]

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Real Online Dating Tips for Thailand

thailand dating tips

Recently I’ve been reviewing how I approached online dating for the most efficient and effective way to get laid in Thailand. Many guys complain about the amount of time and effort that it takes to get laid from online dating. The problem exists because of all the chatting and BS you have to go through. [...]

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Thai Girls Fall in Love in 15 minutes

Thai girlfriends

Dating a Thai girl is not like dating a western woman and one thing newbies will learn quickly is that many times Thai girls will Love you within minutes. How many Thai girls have you met that fall in love with you in minutes? How do you deal with the “I love You” on the [...]

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Problems Sponsoring a Thai Girl

Problems Sponsoring a Thai Girl

I’m really fond of the sponsorship deal mainly because changing girls all the time can be dangerous in Thailand where STD’s are more common than getting the flu. Having a Gik (casual partner) is a good way to satisfy the urges without risking too much. But having a Gik isn’t without problems either. Jealousy is [...]

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The real cost of Sex in Thailand 2013

While most guys I know prefer the good freebie with Thai Sex but there comes a time in every Thai Ex-Pat’s life that he should try paid sex in Thailand. Whether you do it with a street hooker or a regular prostitute from the go-go’s and beer bar girls there’s something out there for everybody. [...]

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