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Thai girls are interesting creatures

How to get Thousands of girls to view your profile

Now that I had Kenny’s profile up all I had to do was get thousands of Thai girls to view it. How did I do that? I’ll list a number of traffic sources both paid and unpaid that I could have used to increase viewers but I have an advantage since I already own two […]

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How to get 500 Thai Women to email you their stats!

You know living in Chiang Mai there’s not a lot to do, once you’ve ridden the elephants, seen the zoo and conquered every hilltop and got fined for not wearing a helmet at every single turn around the moat the only thing left to do is enjoy doing things you like to do. For most guys […]

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Pickup artists are trained Sociopaths

Pickup Artists

I’ve been lumped in with pickup artists (pua’s) in the past by ignorant feminists who don’t understand the difference between a guy who gets laid and a guy who has to do insane things to get laid.  I do nothing that pickup artists do, and nobody in Thailand needs to do anything like that.  Regarding […]

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Thai Girlfriend Scam

online dating Scams In Thailand

Lots of guys seem to fall for this scam even a dozen guys I know read this blog are getting scammed right now. If your sending money to your Thai girlfriend this article is not to be missed! The Thai girlfriend scam is not exactly unique to Thailand but Thai women seem to either by […]

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Starting With a New Thai Girlfriend

Finding a Thai girlfriend isn’t a huge problem in Thailand, just check out one of the many dating sites and surely you will find a girl, especially if you read my advice on online dating . It’s a little more challenging than it used to be, but as long as you’re nice and have a presentable […]

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Thai Women in the Smart Phone Era

Thai Women in the Smart Phone Era

Mobile technology has changed the way we communicate, and it’s even changing the way we meet people. We seem to be in an exponential growth phase now, as things are moving at hyper speed. The home phone became popular 80 years ago, but it wasn’t until 30 years ago that cordless phones were mass produced. […]

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The Demonization of “Seeing Prostitutes”

The act of seeing a prostitute in Western countries has been demonized, sometimes even more so than the act of prostitution itself.  In many states in the U.S., if you’re caught soliciting a prostitute, you’ll be arrested and charged, and your name will appear in the Newspaper and on the Newspaper’s website.  Then when anyone […]

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Gold Digger Gangs in Thailand

Ask children around the world what they want to be when they grow up. The guys will say a fireman, policeman, doctor, politician while the girls are more likely to be models, actors, celebrities. But as some of these kids get older reality bites and their talents known and those kids end up being bricklayers, […]

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How to make money selling drugs

thai girl this week

No this post isn’t going to tell you how to sell drugs in Thailand. In fact if you did I’d come and get you myself! It’s the title of a documentary film as you’ll see later in the post. I’ve been told Thai Love Web now has over 5000 members 80% of them women and […]

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Are Thai Girls Flaky?

flaky thai girls

Have you been in Thailand for a while and find that Thai girls are flaky? Or is it that they are not interested in you? After years of living in Thailand and racking up over 1000 dates with Thai girls of all ages it’s still pretty hard for me to make a solid statement about […]

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Giving Thai Girls Money

giving thai girls money

Should you give your Thai girlfriend Money? Seems to be a common discussion among expats in Thailand and the “how much you should give” seems to be the next obvious question. Honestly the first few years in Thailand I thought this was a daft notion. Why would you give any chick who’s not a whore […]

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Sex in Thailand – Thai Sex Book

Sex in Thailand

So, you’re heading over to Thailand, huh? Maybe you’re just popping in for a weekend of debauchery for some sex in Thailand, or perhaps you’re planning an extended holiday and want to have the time of your life. Hell, maybe you’re even thinking of moving here for good (and with the incredible weather, cheap cost of […]

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Dark Skin or Light Skin Thai Girls

In the west we have a saying “Blondes have more fun”. In Thailand we have a saying “darker girls have more fun”. I get asked all the time and you get this too i’m sure, Thai women will ask “Why do Farang like dark girls”. For years I tried to explain that it’s not really […]

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