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Nana Plaza Mai Peng Disco

Mai Peng Disco in Nana

Things are moving again behind Nana hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 4 with once more the legendary spot right behind the hotel changing name. Adios Nana Angels/Liquid/Disco…say hi to “Mai Peng Disco”! The interior has been totally redesigned with more comfortable seating, and tables, brand new lightshow, similar to what you can find at Insanity club, [...]

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Comedy Clubs in Bangkok

Bangkok Comedy Club

Looking for a few laughs in the city of angels you really can’t go wrong with a night at a comedy club. I like the open mic nights because you get some really strange people with some strange humor. These are the best nights out and I’ve normally kept myself amused laughing at the acts [...]

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Customer Service Big “C” Style

big c

DISCLAIMER: This is a readers submission and the Author remains anonymous Before moving to Thailand I was, among many other things, a Customer Service Manager at a couple of call centers. I started with a Class Action Administration company, and later, after studying for and passing the Series 7 & 63 licensing exams to become a registered Stock Broker, [...]

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Things to do in Bangkok at Night

things to do in bangkok at night

The city of Bangkok really comes alive at night and there are numerous bars, pubs and clubs that are just waiting to be explored. While Bangkok is without doubt the party capital of Thailand, you don’t have to go on a drinking binge to enjoy the city after dark. There are also plenty of other [...]

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Making money from Real Estate in Thailand

make money off real estate in thailand

You ever wondered how in a country where minimum wage is below what most would call poverty that there are so many nice cars! Mind you the price of a luxury car in Thailand is at least twice what you would pay in the states. Where and how do some Thai people make so much [...]

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Evil people everywhere not just Thailand

evil people

Many times on this website I generalize, i’ll say Thai girl this and Thai people, that mostly because saying that bitch or naming some person would likely end me in trouble and more enemies than I care to have. Like I don’t have enough already. But mostly the reason I’ll do this is because that’s [...]

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How to get into trouble in Thailand

trouble in Thailand

It’s amazing how many people find themselves becoming victims in Thailand. In the west people live very sheltered lives from home in the car to work and back home again and often their childhoods were the same. For someone without any street smarts Thailand quickly turns into a minefield of scams, heartbreak, and even death. [...]

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Americans in Hospital after Savage Karaoke Attack

Krelo Club Karoake Chiang Mai

Two american men recovered in hospital after a savage beating by Karoake staff at the Krelo Karaoke Chang Klan Chiang Mai. Yesterday at approximately 8:30am 18th of January 2014 Chiang Mai police received a call of help from 2 american men. The police went to investigate. When the police arrived they met a John Gregory [...]

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Thai Dating Show Features German

german on Thai dating show

I’m not really that into Thai Humour it runs along the lines of a cross between a really annoying Chinese opera and a re-run of Mr Bean. That said anytime there is a Farang involved I can’t stop but laughing. Not meaning to ruin the end but out of the 30 girls he ends up [...]

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Are Bar Fines out of control?

sex lies and bar girls

I understand inflation, and I know that it’s not as easy to make money in the game anymore due to exploding property prices and higher rent prices, everything seems to be going up. But the extortionate fees some Go Go bars are asking for makes me wonder how much further can they go? If you’re [...]

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Sex On The First Date – Guaranteed!

First date sex

If you want your first dates to turn into one night stands or sex there’s only one date type you should be doing – drinking dates! Coffee dates are pleasant at best and rarely lead to sex. Cinema dates are boring and you’re more likely to fall asleep in the theater than have sex. Dinner [...]

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English girls walking naked around a temple in Chiang Mai

This afternoon police in Chiang Mai were called to Wat Phra Sing in the center of Chiang Mai that there were 3 foriegn girls walking around the temple dressed in nothing but bikinis. The police escorted 2 of the girls to a shop so they could buy some clothes to cover up. The girls were [...]

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The Best Beer Bar in Chiang Mai

chiang mai beer bar

Everyone likes to know the tips and tricks to travelling around Thailand and so now I’m going to give you a little known secret not just how to save money but to have a good bloody time as well. Your first time to Chiang Mai you’ll probably want to go scope out the Beer Bars. [...]

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