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Chiang Mai Nightlife

Top 5 Places For Sex in Chiang Mai

A new brothel Location in Chiang Mai available inside! For people who don’t drink but want some action then the new brothel is worth it for 1600 and for those guys who like it cheap the Santitam brothels still offer the cheapest action in town for 700 and those who don’t want girls older than […]

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Sex in Chiang Mai

Sex in ChiangMai

I can always tell the guys who are new to prostitution, when Mamasan lines up the girls in Karaoke or Soapy Massage Parlors and the guy asks to talk to them first. One of the best parts of being with a prostitute is you don’t have to talk to them if you don’t want to. It’s […]

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Chiang Mai Meetup

It’s actually been two years since my last public meetup, I don’t normally do it but since I’m leaving Chiang Mai in a few months I think it’s a good time. It also happens to be my mates Birthday, he owns the Angel Bar in the Loi Kroh boxing ring. Lots of local expats and businessmen […]

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The Best Beer Bar in Chiang Mai

chiang mai beer bar

Everyone likes to know the tips and tricks to travelling around Thailand and so now I’m going to give you a little known secret not just how to save money but to have a good bloody time as well. Your first time to Chiang Mai you’ll probably want to go scope out the Beer Bars. […]

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Chiang Mai Nightlife 2014

spicy nightclub chiang mai

Chiang Mai typically thought of as a boring town without much nightlife especially from these so-called travel bloggers who come through town for 5 days and think they know everything about the place has. Chiang Mai has had an interesting year in terms of nightlife. I thought I’d break it down for you what’s happened […]

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Shake Coyote Club Chiang Mai

The newest coyote house in Chiang Mai Shake is not like G clubs in Bangkok but it’s pretty good. Finally a place in Chiang Mai with touch screen Karaoke (my fav). First of all the girls in this place are smoking hot bodies. Nothing outstanding in the face (this changes all the time). In fact […]

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Brothels in Chiang Mai

chiang mai glass window brothel

Probably one of the most anticipated posts of all time on this blog the complete list of every massage parlor and Brothel in Chiang Mai. While people think the sex scene in Chiang Mai is limited to Loi Kroh road after viewing this list you’ll KNOW otherwise. I’ve included a Google map of every location […]

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Belive nightclub in Chiang Mai – Mini Infinity

inside believe nightclub chiang mai

I remember 10 months ago I talked about the Discovery club closing down and a new nightclub that was going to open up out near Mae Jo Chiang Mai. The place is really far out of town and honestly the trip just felt like too much effort to do until last night when I went […]

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The Best Private Investigator in Chiang Mai

private eye in Chiang Mai

Looking to do a bit of business espionage or perhaps you just want to know who your Thai girlfriend is cheating on you with so you can serve justice then you might be in need of a private investigator. Unlike the western run Private investigators in Chiang Mai and around the country this been around […]

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New Nightclub Sonic Playground Chiang Mai

Sonic Playground Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai nightlife scene is getting prepared for a big boost in 2013 with the opening of the first ever day club in Chiang Mai. In fact Chiang Mai isn’t getting just the Day club it’s also getting a whole entertainment complex to the size of 4000 square meters! This will be the biggest entertainment […]

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Karaoke shops you can buy sex in Chiang Mai

To be fair I honestly prefer just to go out have a good time without thinking of sex, occasionally however I do like some nooky from the Karaoke houses in Chiang Mai. The following is a list of places you can take the girls out at the karaoke shops in Chiang Mai. Before I get […]

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Pattaya vs Chiang Mai, the 2012 Debate

While the Americans have just concluded the 2012 Presidential debates, Chris and I have decided to publicly engage in our own little debate. You see we have a difference of opinion when it comes to the topic of “best place to live in Thailand.” Chris strongly believes it’s Chiang Mai, while I think its Pattaya […]

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Karaoke Coyote Party Photos

party in Thailand

Our last party 2 days ago which also coincided with my birthday (only a few days late) was one of the better parties we’ve had this year and if you weren’t there then you really missed out! But don’t worry I’m sure there will be another one soon. If you want the best experience become […]

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