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Chris founded Living Thai and author of the books Learn the The Thai Alphabet and How to make money in Thailand also the Blueprint for Living in Thailand. Chris started this blog with the aim of educating westerners on how to have the best time in Thailand, to make new friends and to vent his frustrations Chris is also fluent in both written and spoken Thai.

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Young Guys Bringing Thai Prostitutes Home

Thai Prostitutes

There’s a decent amount of bar girls in Pattaya who have spent a few months or even a couple of years with a foreign man in his home country, before coming right back to the bar shortly after.  The strange thing is that many of the guys who do this are young, as in under [...]

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Who stole my shoes on Koh Chang island Thailand?

stolen shoes on koh chang thailand

My first time on the island of Koh Chang was right before Christmas in 2013. I was lucky to find an available room at Koh Chang Hut Hotel but after checking in it appeared the room was still in the process of being cleaned, so I decided to go out for a bit to allow [...]

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Topless Girl at Central Festival Pattaya

topless girl at central festival pattaya

Photo of a topless half/thai girl at Central Festival Pattaya is going viral on Facebook as Thai’s continue to discuss the moral issue. Even though it is illegal to be naked in public it’s barely punishable most people getting a max 1000 baht fine. My own opinion “a bit of harmless fun”.

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Cyber-begging in Thailand

ichitan spends 3 million

What started as a funny 2 minute rant on You Tube from an unknown shirtless teen turns into a question of equality and respect regarding money that Thai’s rarely talk about. Thai’s aren’t shy about discussing money especially asking about how much money someone makes or what assets they have. Thai’s are also very open [...]

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Renting in Thailand

Renting a house in thailand

One of the big worries people have about renting in Thailand is losing their deposit because let’s face it there’s plenty of Thai’s here they only see dollar signs when they meet a westerner. So get ready for this, if the landlord decides that they don’t want to give you your deposit back there’s F*all [...]

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Gold Digger Gangs in Thailand

Ask children around the world what they want to be when they grow up. The guys will say a fireman, policeman, doctor, politician while the girls are more likely to be models, actors, celebrities. But as some of these kids get older reality bites and their talents known and those kids end up being bricklayers, [...]

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25 Ways people are making money in Thailand

how to make money in Thailand

If you wanted to make money in Thailand then the best way is to find out what other people are doing that is working and if it’s your style then try to do the same thing. You don’t always have to invent something new you can simply ride the wave. Think about how many Accountants [...]

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Chinese Takes a dump in the Moat

chinese takes a dump in the moat

The stories lately about the Chinese bad behaviour in Chiang Mai continues with a photo of an apparent Chinese tourist in Chiang Mai taking a dump in the moat. Does the photo really show what appears to be a lady taking a crap in moat?

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Top 7 Most Popular Dating Sites in Asia

thailand dating sites

Find out what the most popular dating sites in Asia are in order of popularity these Asian Dating sites are the best of the best you could probably sign up to each and every one and have the same luck but as like everything in life, nothing is made equal. Read the comments below to [...]

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Maps of Pattaya’s Bars and Go Go’s

The latest Pattaya Nightlife/Go Go Guide/maps. If you haven’t heard of Mike Baird you might have seen his work floated around the internet. He’s that guy that creates all those funny English humor cartoons. His maps are accurate and he’s just provided the latest 2014 map of Pattaya as pictured below. Please don’t share this [...]

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Learn To Type In Thai

facebook thailand

As I’ve repeated many times in this blog the secret to learning the Thai language quickly is knowing the Thai Alphabet. The biggest reason is Thai people virtually live on Facebook and with the price of smart phones continually falling and becoming more equipped the number of Thai’s using online social networks is exploding. How [...]

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The real GoGo Guru’s of Bangkok

go go bars in Bangkok

Probably one of the most underrated websites in Bangkok is BangkokNightlife.com it isn’t getting near as enough attention as it deserves. There’s a hundred or so blogs talking about Bangkok some are boring some are old news and most really suck. Most of you guys know me as the guy from Chiang Mai but probably don’t know [...]

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Warning Australian Pensioner Don’t Get Married!

Warning Australian Pensioner Don't Get Married

Recently I inquired what would happen to my pension if I married. The answer surprised me. In a nut shell it’s this; If in a defacto (common law) or legal marriage arrangement the pensioner will get a marriage pension which is substantially less than the single person pension. Why? It was explained to me that the [...]

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