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About Chris

Chris founded Living Thai and author of the books Learn the The Thai Alphabet and How to make money in Thailand also the Blueprint for Living in Thailand. Chris started this blog with the aim of educating westerners on how to have the best time in Thailand, to make new friends and to vent his frustrations Chris is also fluent in both written and spoken Thai.

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Waiting Your Turn

chasing Thai bar girls

You ever been to a beer bar and it’s obvious that NONE of the girls are interested in you taking them out? Girls are all smiles and dragging you into a bar and as soon as you sit down they somehow disappear? This is not a new phenomena nor is it because you smell bad […]

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Riding a Bicycle in Bangkok

I haven’t ridden a bike honestly since High School and the idea of biking around Bangkok, while it would beat walking, finding a place to dump it when I get to my destination just sounds like a nightmare. Spend only a few days in Bangkok and you’ll notice a lot of people use bikes, especially […]

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Getting an ED Visa 2015

Clamp down on VISA’s? Hardly. The government has added more paperwork but the end result is still the same. I’ve been on an ED visa for 6 years and just came through the immigration checkpoint at the airport without a word being said! I never got asked anything in Thai in fact the only time […]

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How to Pickup Thai Girls Anywhere!

Up until about a year ago I was obsessed with online dating. I’m one of those guys that were the pioneers of online dating as far back as ’97 I was hooking up with girls online my friends were laughing at the idea. Nowadays people tend to laugh at you if you haven’t tried online […]

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Do Good Thai Girls Really Exist?

I’m forever hearing the debate about Good girls vs Bad girls so let me give you the newsflash, Guys, There’s no such thing as a good Thai girl! Sigmund Freud identified the “Madonna/whore” psychological complex, in which men see women as either pure, saintly creatures or filthy prostitutes. But as we all know, the world […]

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Online Escorts Good Deal In Bangkok

I’ve been doing a lot of wandering around Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy these past few weeks and it’s been interesting to say the least but honestly it’s been a tax on the wallet more than anything. Firstly a lot of places don’t allow you to walk in pick a girl and leave there’s all […]

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Playing 8 Ball in Thailand

I’m a terrible pool player but for the past 6 months I’ve played more games than I have in my entire life! It’s already a hard game to play but what’s fascinating to me is the rules and I was recently educated to the way people play in Bangkok. How it started was I was […]

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Taxi Drivers in Bangkok

I lived in Chiang Mai for years and I never called a cab, not once! Mostly because if you called them it would be 200 baht minimum! It’s a lot cheaper now and I actually think they have meter taxis now but still there’s a calling charge and not really worth it. I can’t remember […]

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English Teachers Are Really Babysitters in Thailand

You know I’m doing something random if I’ve been speaking to English teachers, better known as the bottom of the barrel when it comes to expats in Thailand. For whatever reason it seems that most ESL teachers in Thailand have a chip on their shoulder like they are better than everyone else. I don’t have […]

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To The Freakshow I Met Last Night

Sitting at a regae bar last night with some mates I had an experience that happens quite a lot to me in Thailand and that’s meeting backpackers. This guy comes to the bar and orders a drink and says hello to me. The american in me would never start a random conversation especially with this […]

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Girl and House Package 5.5 million

You’ve heard of buying a house for a Thai girl and the house goes in her name, well what if you bought the house and she came with it but you own the house? Bit hard to explain but this is how this girl put it on her Facebook page. Buy my house 5.5 million […]

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Bangkok Bachelor Party

I often get asked about what to do for a Bachelor party in Bangkok so I thought I’d tell you the easiest way. Don’t organize it yourself! This advice is definitely useful if you have a large group 8 or so, the logistics of transport, table service, girls etc is a lot to organize and […]

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Crazy Thai Girl Antics

crazy Thai Girl

Let’s face it, not all Thai girls are messed in the head but certainly a lot of them are. How many times have you had an argument with a Thai girl that ends up with her putting a knife to her own throat? Sounds heavy and it’s unnerving especially when the knife gets turned around […]

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