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How to get your website or business noticed on the web

Do you own a website and/or business in Thailand. Are you looking for new customers and trying to get the word out. Maybe you don’t have a website but are looking to get one made and seen by thousands of people in Thailand and around the world.

LivingThai.Org now has over 5000 visitors a day and over 10,000 email subscribers!

Affordable advertising solutions

We currently accept advertising for but not limited to: Thailand Escort Agencies, Thailand Dating Sites, Thailand Bars & Restaurants and any Nightlife venue.

Sponsor The Blog

Sponsor Blog

Sponsor the blog for as little as 1000 baht a month!

Prices are as Followed

3 months = 5,000 baht per banner
6 months = 8,000 baht per banner
12 months = 12,000 baht per banner

Have your website/facebook page advertised on every single page of the site! That’s over 15,000 page views a day! This low cost solution comes with the benefit of Chris’s promotion. Discounts for multiple banners.

Along with a small banner on every page each Sponsor banner will be rotated at the end of over post. There will be a maximum of 10 sponsors allowed at any time. Additionally your website will be included as recommended businesses in our weekly newsletter.

Where your sponsored banner goes

Receive up to 10 times more Traffic with Post Advertising!

Prices are as Followed

3 months = 9,000 baht per ad
6 months = 15,000 baht per ad
12 months = 25,000 baht per ad

Our most effective advertising is shown twice on each blog post and rotated with the other ads, these are our most visible and clicked on advertisement getting up to 10 times more clicks than sponsors. Discounts available for more than 1 ad.

advertising on thailand blog

Dedicated Blog Posting

Have Chris write a Post about your business and/or website

The visitors who come to LivingThai.Org come here because they are seeking information, they want to know what’s new around Thailand fun things to do, places to go, places to eat and places to sleep. Why not have Chris write a story about your business this is the cheapest form of advertising available and very affective not only do you get a story written it also goes out to the 1300+ subscribers in the weekly email. You get a permanent link to your website which helps with your search rankings as well and best of all it only costs $50 USD to get a story written!

An example of a paid story on LivingThai.Org

Paid Posts cost 5,000 baht

Mail our 10,000+ subscribers

Do you need to get the word out super quickly maybe your holding an event or a grand opening to your business and want to make sure you reach the highest number of people you can. Our subscribers not only read our emails they also forward them to their friends. We can help you structure an email that will get the highest click rate available. For details on pricing please contact us.

Contact Us

In order for me to help you with your advertising campaign please visit our Contact Us page to send us an email describing what your interested in doing. Pricing can be flexible depending on what your selling as well so don’t forget to give me a detailed explanation of your campaign or needs. If you’d like a website made please leave a phone number so I can contact you via phone I find it’s always easier to do it that way than through email.